You are 100% Responsible for Your Own Life

I have always been a self-reliant individual. When I see others blaming their parents, health, jobs, spouses, children, the government, or others for their problems, empathy has not been my strong suite. When others were screaming about how FEMA and the federal government failed to help in the aftermath of Katrina, I had to wonder how much of that help should have come from other places.

Our family experienced a recent turn of events that challenged that thought process, but ultimately cemented it in my mind. A few weeks ago, my 12 year old son fell ill and we had to take him to the Emergency Room. Within minutes of his arrival he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. I will spare you the details, but our lives were turned upside down, needless to say. We now must pre-plan every meal. We must be constantly testing his blood-sugar and administering the correct amount of insulin to keep the levels in his body within ‘normal’ ranges. Despite my research to find out how to make your own insulin (in case we were ever in a situation where we could not get it from others), I turned up without much hope. We are learning what it is like to be completely reliant upon others for a life-saving substance. That is a new way of thinking for me.

The other part of this experience has been coming to grasp how it relates to the principle that we are all 100% responsible for our own life. I have been a believer of that mantra for years and, interestingly, this new twist has not caused that truth be dampened in my life.

As I travel the country speaking to real estate appraisers, I am often struck at the lack of responsibility many take for themselves. There are many appraisers who are struggling right now. There is no doubt that things are much different than they were in 2007. New regulations and requirements have made it very difficult for some to continue making a decent living in this profession. However, we must remember that there are things which happen to us and then there are our reactions to them.The fact is, I am not fanatical when it comes to this belief. There are some who think that if you stub your toe when you get out of your bed in

the morning that you did something to deserve that. I am not one of them. Much of our lives are made up of things that just happens to us. It is called mortality. My son did not do anything to be ‘punished’ with Diabetes. However, how he (and we as a family) react to his diagnosis is very much up to us. In other words, the success and failures we experience in life stem from two sources; what happens to us and how we respond. It is in the response that many of us fail to make the grade (and thus fail to reap the rich rewards that may be in store for us).

Other than complaining, what are you currently doing to make the best of the current situation you find yourself in? Many appraisers across the country have seen the writing on the wall and, rather than cowering in the corner, have adjusted and continued to thrive… even in today’s circumstances. Are you one of them?

Now, go create some value!

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