National Pick on an Appraiser Day

Though it originally had fairly negative reviews, The Purge ended up doing fairly well at the box office last year.  Unsurprisingly, a sequel is slated for summer 2014.  If you have not heard of it, the premise of the original and second edition is a sort of National Day of AppraisalcomplaintsCrime.  For a 24 hour period once a year, all crime (including murder) is totally and completely legal.  Everyone must fend for themselves during this day of ‘anything goes.’  The psychology behind such a ‘holiday’ is that human beings tend to store up hate and ill-feelings.  Allowing them to ‘purge’ such emotions one day a year will help to reduce crime the other 364 days.  A little strange perhaps, but it makes a great premise for a slasher movie I suppose. Make sure you read this post here to understand how one should work around a DUI case.

I have been thinking about this national hotline we now have for the mandatory reporting of appraiser misdeeds, and I think I have a better idea.  Like me, you probably get a few phone calls from borrowers or others who are upset with their appraisal.  “You misreported my bedroom count in the basement!”  “I am appalled at the value you assigned to my house!”  “You no-good, blankety, blank, blank!”  You know the ones.  How about, instead of a toll-free number, we simply implement the National Pick on an Appraiser Day?  For most of the year, appraisers could just do their jobs without having to worry about that phone call; just honestly and ethically appraise homes without complaint from others.  For one day out of the year however, all the pent up anger and frustration could be released (in the form of phone calls and letters only of course).  What do you say?  Ready to change the way complaints are handled?

Now, go create some value!

14 thoughts on “National Pick on an Appraiser Day”

  1. Outstanding idea! To further the concept, let’s institute a one-week time frame when appraisals can be done…..which would be 1 month prior to the one day attack celebration …. and with fees 20 times the current low-ball ones offered by the majority of AMC’s, paid up front. That will give all ‘single shingle shop’ appraisers an opportunity to earn a decent living based on the 10 inspections done during the ‘inspection week.’ Work for one month or less, and take the rest of the year off!

    Now, go create some havoc and discontent!

    (As you might guess, my and the Coach’s comments are written with tongue firmly pressed against the left or right cheek – depending on your political viewpoint. Sticking straight out means you’re an Independent!)

  2. I like it. I would also like to consider a National Appraiser Fight Back Day! A day that we can throw Client Confidentiality out the window when they call and reem us and fight back and tell them exactly what we think about their shack that they believe is a castle worth mega bucks.

    Because we cant explain the report to these home owners and the only part of the report they ever read is the one small box that has the value, when they call and we say we cant talk about it, they think we are stupid and incompetent. Oh Well, It is what it is.

    1. I like the NATIONAL APPRAISER FIGHT BACK DAY better! What a fantastic idea! Oh how many times I would have liked to say to a homeowner that I think their DIY improvements stink!!! That no one else in the world is going to like their idea of “home sweet home” and by the way….the shelves you put in the closet….those are not going to get you an additional 5k…..I know shocking! Or ask a cubicle AMC person… you even really understand what an appraisal is? And are you even old enough to drive?
      What has our profession become? What to do, what to do……..?
      Anyway, I am going to start celebrating NATIONAL APPRAISER FIGHT BACK DAY…!

  3. Well, gotta admit I have begun to get a chuckle out of your posts Dustin. Anarchy for a day is certainly an interesting movie plot. I suppose I would fly to DC for my part, though I doubt I would find any humans in the city, other than those like myself who came for the day of reckoning – LOL. Dreaming is fun, but I have found in this business it gets you nowhere. My strategy is to get out of the appraisal business, not try to fix the problem that I can never fix. That said, I fend off the majority of “complaints” from homeowners up front. I don’t talk about subject specific stuff (rather make it perfectly clear that I can not), but what I do is inform the homeowner of the process and how we come up with a value. I let them know that an appraisal is a tool and that it is an estimate. I let them know that the process is not perfect and its nature is flawed in terms of accuracy due to the fact that using other homes to value a subject is “inaccurate” from the get go, considering all homes are different. I always throw in the statement, the true and “accurate” value of your home is what someone will write you a check for it.

  4. I love all these ideas, they have given me the strength to finish my report on a 30K house with 50% gross adjustments. I can’t wait for the Client’s response to this. I think we need a MONTH when all appraisers can take a vacation AT THE SAME TIME in a warm place with a beach that is without cell service. We would send the trainees away too, just not the same beach. Let those smug AMCs, who know more than we do anyway, fend for themselves, they could spend the month explaining to the Clients why that 5,000 sf estate will not be ready tomorrow for a fee of less than my hairdresser earns in a half day. REVOLT….FIND YOUR BEACH..I’M LOOKING FOR MINE.

  5. I am the frog who woke up in the midst of being slowly boiled to death. I got out just in time. My state renewal was April 30 and I did not renew. it was one of the hardest, scariest, anxiety ridden decisions I have ever made. But wow……I feel so light and free! I don’t worry about these things anymore. It’s only been 9 days and I feel like I should tell you all, there is light on the other side of appraising! Come to the light…..

  6. I’m sure the banks and AMC’s will give this suggestion the same careful consideration they give to all suggestions from appraisers. Those with a sense of humor (there must be at least a few) will no doubt find the whole idea very funny indeed (not necessarily the suggestion itself, but the fact that appraisers make suggestions). We live in strange times.

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