Where do you Keep Your Support for Adjustments?

It happens to me all the time; I run into a unique situation where I need some unusual data, know I have run all the right numbers just a few weeks or months prior and cannot remember which report it was done for.  In other words, the statistics I need are sitting in a workfile somewhere, but that does me no good because I need it for my current report.

appraisalworkfileRecently, I did something that helps to alleviate this problem in the future.  On my Google Drive (you can use whatever system you currently employ to keep important information on), I created a folder called “Market Statistics.”  Within that folder are documents for the various situations I might find myself in need of support for.  Each document simply references the report I completed which holds the workfile with that particular scenario.  So far, the documents I have labeled:

  • Modular Homes
  • Victor/Driggs vs Alta
  • Styrofoam vs Concrete Foundations
  • Unique Style Homes in Star Valley
  • Busy Road Adjustment next to Interstate
  • Q2 vs Q3 in Jackson
  • Summer Access vs Year Round in Swan Valley

In other words, there is a document created whenever we run into a unique situation for which we did the legwork on, and I simply create them as I go.  It is possible that I will never run into another situation quite the same, but I have it just in case.  Furthermore, perhaps I do run into the same situation, but enough time has passed that I do not consider the data I have reliable.  No problem, at least I can see what I did last time so I can replicate the process with current data.

6 thoughts on “Where do you Keep Your Support for Adjustments?”

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    1. This program is simply to use and only takes minutes to complete. You then have a new one better and more accurate then the old one you used six months ago or sometime even longer than that.
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  2. Good job Dustin. We use Google drive in the same way and other ways. One of the best things we did with Google drive was start a neighborhood database. This is a database of neighborhood descriptions, boundaries, and ranges that gets updated with every job and can be linked into Total using the worksheet.

  3. Another tool I use in ACI Reports is saving market specific comments in Common Responses (F6) and reusing the comments (F5) when and where it is appropriate. It saves the time of having to remember or search for the file that has the needed commentary.

  4. Donna Gutierrez

    Justin, I started a folder on my desktop labeled Analytical Tools, in there is the report from the Berkeley Labs on Market Reaction to PV Panels, Richard Hagars handouts for Q and C as well as formulas to make adjustments. Now I will start adding other things like depreciation analysis for certain year builts. Glad to see I think like the pros.

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