Is Your Appraiser Packing Heat?

There are several appraisers I look up to scattered around this vast profession.  One of them is Tom Horn.  Tom writes and posts a regular blog in Alabama that all appraisers should envy (and emulate).  As a follow up to a recent Appraiser Coach Podcast episode I did on conceal carry, Tom wrote an outstanding piece.  You can find it here:


appraiser-weaponIs Your Appraiser Packing Heat?

I encourage you all to read it and comment.  Also, I am looking for a follow up to that particular episode.  If any of you have objections to an appraiser carrying a gun as part of his/her appraisal toolkit, I would love to hear from you.  I promise it will be respectful for anyone who is willing to give a contrary position.  We can even keep you anonymous if you wish.

75 thoughts on “Is Your Appraiser Packing Heat?”

  1. I hold a Certified General License in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee and have a concealed carry permit for Kentucky. However I do not carry a gun on my person or in my car when completing appraisal assignments. I try to treat people as I would want to be treated and I would not appreciate a stranger entering my home carrying a gun. I do have pepper spray for dogs, but if I feel threatened in any way I just walk away, get in my car and leave. I can contact the client any time and notify them that I will not be completing the assignment for what ever reason I have. I remember on case that a dog would not let me inside the fenced back yard, I completed the assignment with no rear pictures and stated the reason. I was ask to schedule another appointment the dog was not in the yard and I was paid an additional trip fee.

    1. ” I do not carry a gun on my person or in my car when completing appraisal assignments”

      “but if I feel threatened in any way I just walk away, get in my car and leave. I can contact the client any time and notify them that I will not be completing the assignment for what ever reason I have.”


      Good to see a RATIONALE response from a conceal carry guy.

      Most of the other gun totin yahoos here seem WAY too paranoid.

      1. But, Mr. Morris, you may not always have the chance to leave.

        Keep in mind, what I’ve said in other posts here, the first thing you should ever try to do in any situation is get away from it. Using a firearm should ALWAYS be the last resort. I would do the same thing Mr. Cann would do if I can. But, if I can’t then I have another course of action.

  2. Yes I carry, I am from CT and I go in many vacant distressed houses. You never know what to expect and as a women in other houses I do feel safer carrying. I have a permit and we do NOT have to conceal in CT but I do conceal it. For those of you afraid of guns I can assure you that a gun with a safety on in a holster will not go off and its perfectly safe. I know many don’t like guns but I support gun rights. I have to say that little bit of peace of mind in many situations is nice.

  3. I formerly had a concealed carry license in Kentucky. I actually gave up my Concealed Carry License after one year as many locations post signage that prevents my entry to their location. I never carried concealed while doing appraisal work. I have never encountered a hostile home owner while on an appraisal.

    Don Stewart
    Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser

  4. I carry concealed everywhere at all times and on every assignment. No, Don, I have never encountered a homeowner hostile “enough” to make me feel threatened. And I respect Dann’s choice to “treat others as you want to be treated” and not be that stranger who brings a gun into someone’s home. Both valid points, both YOUR choices. My explanation for why I never leave my weapon behind is, that neither of your reasons cover the “wild card” factor that can pop up at anytime, the worst, most vulnerable time at that.
    The unknown, unpleasant and downright evil person who has begun an act of violence against you and yours, whether planned out or spontaneous is why I carry. In that moment, I do not want to experience the feeling of not knowing where I left my weapon, for whatever the genuinely considerate reason may be. In that split second or drawn out minutes, I want every chance to live and prevent injury to myself. If that “wild card” ever confronts you, in that instant, you would give all you had to survive the encounter. “No guns allowed” signs and Golden Rule ethics are idealist concepts of a better world but, they do not relieve me of my duty to protect myself here in this world.

  5. A former employee used to have a concealed carry. He usually just kept it in the car, but if something was suspicious enough I bet he would bring it with him.

    I think if it is reasonable for the AMCs to demand all these background checks from us because we as state certified appraisers might be dangerous; then it is more than reasonable for us to exercise our Constitutional rights & carry a weapon. Especially seeing as there are no checks done on the people whose homes we are entering & we often work alone with little to no office support. Imagine how many home buyers might threaten or do something to an appraiser to try to get the value they need to get a new home…I mean if appraisers are that dangerous & the public needs protecting from us…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander right.

  6. Why would I care if someone has a firearm concealed when they walk in my house. I wouldn’t even know! Just like I don’t know all the other items in his/her pockets… Golden rule still stands… I wouldn’t mind so I shall. If l have a concealed weapon in your house you’ll never know unless you threaten my life.

  7. I live in NC, have my CCW and I do carry. I have been an appraiser for 32 years and before then a police officer. I know the importance of having and using a weapon safely and responsibly. My belief in carrying CCW comes from the knowledge I gleaned while working in law enforcement of what a drug induced person will do. Additional support came from, as an appraiser, walking in on three marijuana patches and a moonshine still. Apparently some of the above appraisers have never had a gun screwed in your ear just because you took a comp photo from the highway and the guy didn’t like you doing so. Ever been road raged? I totally agree with Gh- you won’t know if I carry or not unless I have to defend myself. You get my point. Nuff said.

    1. I’m With you Ben. In our area, you might expect anything from entering an unoccupied foreclosure and having a neighbor come up with a firearm and expecting the worst to encountering wildlife when doing acreage inspections.

  8. I’m from KY and have a CDWL. I carry everywhere I go (unless it’s one of those “gun free zones” that keeps me protected so that I don’t have to carry – sarcasm intended). As appraisers, we have the potential to run into some tense situations. Just last year I did an inspection on a property where there was a squatter inside of it and another involving a very messy divorce where I was on the wife’s side and she didn’t let her soon-to-be-ex-husband know that I was going to be there. Needless to say, after she showed up, things were tense. He didn’t want me to come inside of the home, but finally let me inside along with his soon-to-be-ex-wife. After we entered, he made a beeline for his bedroom. He was turning on lights, but how was I to know the ol’ boy wouldn’t come out with a shotgun?

    We also encounter situations such as vicious animals. What if you are walking a farm and are confronted by a bobcat, an aggressive dog, or even chased by a bull if you’re looking at a farm (beef, it’s what’s for dinner). Those are situations you may need a firearm.

    What about our fellow female appraisers? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of realtors being called by men to be shown a home only to have other intentions in mind. Who’s to say a female appraiser won’t encounter the same threat? They need to be prepared.

    It’s like insurance. You are better to have it and not need it as to need it and not have it.

    As for treating other as I want to be treated? The firearm isn’t going to act on its own. If you are letting someone in that you can’t trust then you should be carrying yourself. I can fully understand why someone that may be coming to my home for a purpose (insurance agent, appraiser, realtor, etc.) may be carrying a firearm. What’s more is that if that person is there while a robbery is taking place then I’m glad someone (a good guy) is there as a source of protection. So, I don’t look at it as making me tough or intimidating, but as a duty to protect myself, my family, and my fellow citizens in case I need to intervene. Again, the gun isn’t going to “bite” or do anything on its own. The person in possession of the gun has to do that, which is why we need good guys.

    Then you also have the zombie apocalypse, which is a whole other issue we can discuss at another time. But, we don’t have to worry about that in Kentucky, because to paraphrase Mark Twain in a sense “If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I hope I’m in Kentucky because we are about 20 years behind.”.

    Stay safe!!

      1. Well, Nelson, you do realize that I don’t sign my name as KY Appraiser right? I have an actual name. So, kinda hard to no refer me when you can’t identify me.

        Second, if you employ any appraiser from KY to do an appraisal then there’s a good chance you won’t get them to agree to the job if the prerequisite is to be anti-gun. It’s KY for Pete’s sake.

        1. And my name is not Nelson either, am not an idiot, I know that you’re not KY Appraiser. However, if I ever did any business in KY, I would clearly communicate with whoever is coming that guns are not allowed in my house and if they don’t agree with this, then I’ll take my business elsewhere. And I reserve the right to verify that you’re not bringing any weapon into my own house. This is my house that we’re talking about, not a public location, my own private house. I find it insane that you would even think you have the right to come into my house with a gun. You can bring your gun anywhere you like, except in my house, you know why? Because guns are not allowed in my house. If you don’t like it, that’s okay, move on to the next house, you don’t have to appraise my house, I’ll find someone else to do it, someone who has the common sense to respect my wishes. You are not the only appraiser in KY. And don’t tell me all appraisers in KY are packing heat because that’s not true. Am sure that I can find one that is willing to respect my house and not bring a gun into my house per my wishes. It is my house after all, am not sure how else to explain this, its my house. Mine.

          1. And I understand that. I think I posted to someone else on this site that I would honor any such request for that very reason. I have yet to have anyone ask that of me, but I would honor that request if it were made.

            I never said all KY appraisers carry guns. I just said that there’s a good chance they are given we are a gun-friendly state.

          2. The dumb ones are not carrying. Geez dude lighten up. I have thought many times about someone asking me to not to enter their home with my gun. My response is this. Find another appraiser. One fee will not make or break me. I stand firm on my gun rights. Not to mention the fact that I have a permit…..which means I have been finger printed and gone through a background check. What about your non gun toting appraiser? Finger printed? Background check? Could be anyone.

  9. I currently hold a CHL in TX and I conceal carry when the house is vacant. I just feel safer having it with me. I have never carried into someone’s home while they are there and so far in 16 years have not had a reason to. (except once or twice I almost wish I had had it but that’s a whole other story) it is however locked in my truck…

  10. I find this discussion to be insane, if I called any professional and scheduled an appointment with him or her to come into my house for any reason and then found out that he or she was carrying a gun, I would kick him or her out and never do business with that company ever!!! Then I would file a complaint with anyone that would listen and make as much noise as possible, to the press and anyone who would listen. This is just crazy!! You called me to come into my house, I did not call you. And am paying you for your time and expertise, what makes you think its okay to bring a gun into my house without my permission???

    1. Nelson..its legal…I dont need your permission. Obviously you are anti-gun but you cant force your views on others who are obeying the law, just like if someone doesnt like gays.

      1. Hey steve, you try to enter my house with a weapon and I will punch your lights out BEFORE you get any where near it. And I don’t have any problem with you being gay.

        1. Oh look another internet tough guy..I live in Maine, you wanna show your faggot self up here & see if you can punch my lights out? Come on tough guy.

        2. Mike….those of us who carry don’t need to be punched. We don’t pose a threat to you.

          But, if you punch someone just for having one on them then you could be sued for assault. Unless you live in one of those states where they make it seem like guns have legs, arms, and the ability to act on their own.

          I’ll ask Wayne LaPierre about this subject tomorrow during our breakfast at the gun range. #NRA

      2. You can carry your gun anywhere you like except in my own house. I don’t understand why this is so hard for you to comprehend. If you feel that’s its your right to carry your gun in my own house, then I’ll be happy to get another professional. Am sure you realize that there are many other professionals out there who don’t feel the need to exercise their right to carry a weapon in my own house, and I’d venture to guess that its the vast majority. Its quite the leap to make from a gun discussion to talking about gays. Are you gay?

    2. I absolutely agree with Nelson, you gun freaks are just little chicken bleeps hiding behind your big, bad weapon. I’ll make an exception for the ladies, but really, if you feel so much terror going into buildings do you really want to get in a shoot out? Probably not.

      I have inspected well over 20,000 houses in my career thus far and many on the “bad” side of town so I know there is some trepidation sometimes. I have run into homeless folks and bums and even some passed out people in apt. hallways and STILL didn’t get all scared where I needed to go all Dirty Harry. I treat everyone with respect and it seems to come back to me.

      1. Take a CCDW class and you’ll learn right off the bat that the first thing you do is try to get to cover and not engage unless you must.

        We aren’t chicken, we aren’t any tougher, but we are prepared if you need us to intervene. No thanks will be necessary.

        Dirty Harry was a great movie by the way. I miss movies like that. Society would be so much better with those kinds of movies instead of “50 Shades of Grey”. I miss John Wayne too. John Wayne would’ve made a great appraiser. Let a bank tell him they are going with the low-fee guy.

        Big Jake signing off

      1. Thanks but no thanks, this is one hot button issue that I would not like to attach my name to because it brings out all the crazies from the wood works.

    3. The thing about being concealed is to not raise red flags, followed by not being sought out first by the bad guys.

      If someone saw my firearm – you’d really have to check me out to do so – but if they did and requested that I not take it into the home then I’d honor that request. That’s their property and their right.

      But, what if while someone carrying concealed was in your home and someone came in while you were there with intent to do you harm. The person carrying pulls the firearm and saves your life. Would your feeling change or would you be one of those ungrateful people that would try to sue the armed hero?

    4. So you would take your case to the press. What do you think would happen when the public finds out your address from your idiotic protest? The bad guys would know no one can have a gun on your property so they better stay away. Try to think this through a little next time before making a fool of yourself.

    5. Nelson, we as appraisers offer our opinions on a regular basis. And that is what some are doing here. I dont know why you are getting so confrontational. You are acting as if your opinion is the only and true opinion in the world and everyone should accept and live by your opinion. I dont carry, and I never have. But the fact is if some choose to do so, and do so legally, well the fact is, that is there right. I am not offended by them exercising their right, and I would not have a problem if I hired an appraiser and he or she entered my house carrying. That is simply his or her right, and really no one has the right to judge them or impose their personal opinion on them as the one and only “Nelson Standard” I am concerned about our female appraisers, and they could be treated differently when entering homes, vacant or not vacant. I do feel that they need some type of protection to even the odds and give them an edge and a fighting chance should the be attacked by a 200 lb man who intends to do them harm. How would you feel if you imposed your personal opinion on one of our female appraisers and she followed your opinion as the standard and quit carrying and then was raped, injured, or killed in the course of performing an appraisal assignment? You probably should just chill out and not be trying to force others adopt to your standard(s). State your opinion and drop it, like most everyone else is doing. Its really not your job to nanny other appraisers as to how they perform their job and their lead their lives, and make their life choices. I think that was the point of this thread, to just get a census of a variety of appraiser on if they carry or not and them maybe why or why not. Im pretty sure it was not for and appraiser to brow beat them for sharing their opinion. You have probably stymied a lot of commentors who decided not to give their opinion in fear of reaping the “Wrath of Nelson” Just sayin.

      1. Off course you’re entitled to your opinion, as am I to my own. And in my own opinion, don’t bring a gun into my house. That is not debatable. It is my house after all. That’s all am saying, if you feel you must bring it into someone else’s house, knock yourself out. Maybe they won’t mind. But in my case, I would seriously take issue with this. No one is welcome into my house with a gun. I don’t have any guns in my house and no one will be the first person to bring guns into my house, unless they have a badge and a good reason to be in my house.

    6. Hey Nelson, You want to borrow money right? That’s what an appraisers function is right? The path to your Refinance or Purchase? I didn’t ask to come to your house for fun.

  11. If a invited stranger, friend, neighbor, acquaintance, etc. came into my house carrying a gun concealed or not and I found out about it they would be immediately escorted out. In my book someone carrying around a gun all day that isn’t sport hunting is either paranoid, suffers from illusions of grandeur or have not taken their meds today. Statically speaking you are 4 times likely to be killed or shot if you have a gun and your very presence is source of danger to me. Nobody has deputized you because when the Constitution was written in 1779 there was a need for militias in this country and present day right wing extremists now think the Second Amendment is being trampled if they can’t carry a AK-47 to the mall. How great is this be for our profession if this blog was published and it became planted in the borrower’s mind how many appraiser’s are likely gun toting wackos. The legend of the lone wolf appraiser lives on.

      1. Hi Dustin,

        Wow! I think you really touched a nerve with this post. Way to get ’em fired up coach! I personally do not carry any weapons on my inspections, but I do know that you are looking for guest appraiser’s on your podcast. I’m game. Love the podcast, love the blog. Keep up the good work!



        1. Aaron: Yes, I am interested mostly in having someone on who does not think it is a good idea to carry on an inspection. Is that you or is it just that you personally do not?

      2. Hey people—denial is not a river in Egypt and evil really DOES exist. I responsibility carry a weapon 24/7 to protect YOUR life as well as my own—that is where the golden rule really ends.
        Some attitudes I see here reinforce why a gun should always remain concealed.

    1. Paranoid? Meds? Not quite Billy boy. It’s called being prepared. How about those in the theater the night of the Colorado shooting. If one of them had been carrying and intervened to save lives then would you say they were paranoid? It’s not paranoid, it’s being prepared. I don’t carry to be intimidating, cause commotion, or to be a threat to anyone. I do it to protect myself, my family, and my fellow citizens from harm in case I need to intervene. That includes those that are opposed to conceal carry laws. Just be glad we are there if you need us.

      Lone Wolf signing out

    2. Show us the source that says you are 4 times more likely to get shot or killed by simply being in the presence of a gun. Has to be one of the dumbest things uttered in this forum. Keep your silly liberal talking points out of this discussion. News flash you are in the presence of a gun a lot more than you know if you are in a right to carry state like mine and an intelligent person would be ok with that. No one said anything about an AK-47 but a handgun is great for self defense. You would kick out a friend for carrying a gun in your house? Wow.

  12. Well the chances of you being broadsided and killed in traffic are a million times more likely than being somewhere a nutso opens fire but I am guessing you don’t drive a M-1 Abrams tank around town…so why would you tote a gun? Paranoid: “Exhibiting or characterized by extreme and irrational fear of distrust of others.” If the shoe fits…

    1. So, having life insurance. Is that paranoid? How about car insurance? I mean, you should be careful driving your own vehicle, but what about those we “distrust” that concern us about their attention to the road?

      It’s called being prepared.

      1. Car insurance is the law, life insurance is not about you, its about your family. Equating gun toting to insurance is apples and oranges. I have no issues with anyone carrying a gun, you can carry a gun anywhere you want, just don’t bring it into my house. This is the crux of the discussion; bringing a gun into someone’s house during an appraisal, not strapping while running errands. You can carry all you want anywhere you like but bringing a gun into someone’s house during an appraisal is just plain crazy.

        1. “bringing a gun into someone’s house during an appraisal is just plain crazy.”

          NO ITS NOT!

          What am I supposed to do if the bad attitude homeowner isn’t happy with my inspection and pulls a gun on me?


          1. Gotcha?? Wow!! You really got me with your dime store juvenile reasoning. If you’re the kind of appraiser who would be worried about a bad attitude home owner pulling out a gun on your after a shoddy inspection, then maybe you are not a very good appraiser. Maybe, just maybe, you’re the kind of appraiser that gives the rest of us a bad name.

        2. “…life insurance is not about you, its about your family…” (sic). Carrying a weapon to a theater or grocery store is about protecting my family. Carrying one on me during an appraisal inspection is looking out for me, but also in the event that something happens while I’m there.

          What if while you’re inspecting a property someone encounters you in a manner that you don’t feel comfortable. You don’t have great cell phone reception and you feel “threatened”? You try to avoid conflict, as you should, but the instigator just keeps getting “in your grill” and won’t allow you to get in your vehicle. You could fight hand-to-hand, but what if the instigator has a weapon on him?

          So, it’s not as crazy as you think. It sounds as though you are anti-gun. Here’s the thing, if you don’t trust a professional being sent to your home then whether or not they have a gun isn’t going to stop them from doing you harm if they really want to do so. What I would advise you to do is “equalize the threat”. If you are concerned about someone doing harm to you then it sounds like you need to be prepared yourself.

          Whatever your stance is, that is your right. However, don’t blame the firearm; blame the person. Guns don’t act on their own. The crimes you see committed involving guns usually have an idiot holding them. Disarming the good guys doesn’t make sense. Be glad that we are there.

  13. TN Appraiser Woman

    Well Coach….. it seems that you have definitely touched a nerve. I’m a female appraiser and have been for 31 years. I have been in a couple of situations in the past, thankfully ONLY a couple, where I would have definitely felt much better had I had the security of a gun in my pocket. I was alone, driving on a single lane, gravel road in a county known for areas which are unsafe, this past week and it went thru my mind, what if I rounded the next curve and there were men blocking the road with a truck, waiting for the next person to round the curve???? Most people don’t understand the dangers we face, simply because they have never been in that situation. I wish more people understood about the dangers we all face daily, whether we know it or not. I do not carry into an occupied home, unless I feel the need, (with the exception of a couple of times, where I was warned by the lender of a potential situation) but in the words of Lee Ann Tooey (from the movie The Blind Side) I am always packin’.
    I have been told by 3 police officers through the years, “I don’t know if you carry and I’m not asking…… I don’t know if you have a permit and I’m not asking, but if you don’t know how to use a weapon, educate yourself and exercise your right to carry” . I figure they know much more about what’s out there than I do. I have more apprehension about going into an empty home than in a home where the homeowner is meeting me. There have been many incidents where realtors have been killed, meeting someone in a house where it is supposedly “safe”. I respectfully ask, what kind of plan do the people who oppose a gun in their home have, if they should come in from the grocery store and find a drugged homeless person in their home? Or if someone comes to their door, who looks to be “normal” and “safe” and pushes their way into their home with intention to do harm? We have the right to keep and bear arms We also have the right to protect ourselves. They also have the right to ask a person not to carry a firearm into their home, but they need to understand, just the same as with a police officer, we do not know them and we are only protecting ourselves. The person who has a permit, is also educated in, not only the operation of a firearm, but the legal aspects of using a firearm. If they so strongly oppose our constitutional rights, I respectfully suggest that they go take the handgun class… even if they have no intent to carry, but to learn the legalities. We are not paranoid, gun waving, crazies…. we are simply protecting ourselves in a job that has, as in many cases, become a dangerous profession. (they don’t realize we can walk in on meth labs, marijuana fields, moonshine stills and drug users) A member of my family was robbed, at gunpoint, in an open parking lot, in a busy downtown, supposedly safe area, midday on a Saturday afternoon this past summer…… he did not have a firearm, but guess what…… the man who robbed him did!!! Think about it.

    Thank you for the freedom and opportunity to state my view.

    PS – Our Church has a safety team in place….. guess what, there are several people placed throughout the congregation who are armed. Our Church is not the exception……. there are several in our town and surrounding counties who have put this into place. They also have a safety patrol thru the building during the services with special attention to the area of Children’s classes. (ever thought of the children in Church who are the subject of a custody battle? ) Also, our largest real estate firm, one of the largest in the country, is sponsoring a safety/carry class next month…. does that tell you anything?????

    1. Well said my friend! Nice neighborhoods are often the homes of teenage and older children on meth and pills, Parents trying to help….but…..You never know.

    1. Well, Bil, some stats are just too obvious. Of course the risk increases for suicide or injury if you have a gun in your home because….guns can cause injury and are unfortunately used in suicides. I would never wish such a thing on a person and I pray that it never happens again. But, it’s obvious the risk goes up because there is a weapon in your home. But, on another note, look at how many households have guns, or even look at the number of guns in our country. A very small percentage of households have incidents related to guns and, even more telling, the percentages are also low when looking at guns used in such incidents.

      Gun safety is crucial. My wife and I grew up around guns, but we didn’t buy one for our own household until we had a place to store them safely. We planned to have children one day, so we took every precaution we could to keep them out of sight and restricted the access to them so that our little ones wouldn’t get to them. Every day we make sure that the safe is closed and locked. The firearms we keep close to our bed or even the ones we carry on us have the magazines detached an in another location. In many cases, though not every one, accidents involving guns in homes are a result of lackadaisical gun safety measures in the home. Their not kept in a safe place, they are left loaded and lying anywhere around the home, or the cabinets aren’t locked. That is key to keeping your family safe from such accidents. Anyone that doesn’t use proper gun safety needs to do so before even considering having a gun in their home.

      Here is something else to consider. As it relates to protection, if you have an intruder in your home then you need to have something to keep your family safe. Yes, police are generally the first ones to call, but are they really the first line of defense? Many times when the police are called either 1.) the crime has already been committed or 2.) it is underway. Between the times of an officer arriving at the scene, what is going to keep you safe? My wife and I choose firearms. We have a home security system, but if an intruder breaks into the home and continues to make his/her way to our bedrooms (ours and our kids’) despite the alarms sounding then there is no doubt that they have some serious intentions in mind. I’m not going to wait for a police officer to arrive if I feel that I and/or my family is threatened. The police WILL be called (the security system will do that for us), but during the time that I’m waiting on them to arrive I need to be able to protect myself and/or my family. If the intruder has a firearm then I don’t think throwing pillows or swinging a flashlight is going to do much good.

      So, while people may have their stats, I would like to know how many of those instances involved lackadaisical gun safety rules in the home? How many involved people who should’ve never been sold or issued a firearm? As I always say, the gun won’t do anything on its own. The person in control of it is responsible for every round that is dispersed. The irresponsible are few in number, so there is no need to disarm the rest of us when all we have to do is address the problems with the minority causing the problem.

  14. The Appraiser Coach

    Okay. I am going to try to ask one more time. I love the back and forth on this topic. What I would love to do is to get KY Appraiser and Nelson (or Bil) or anyone else on the other side of this to PLEASE be willing to talk about this on my show. Yes, we can make it completely anonymous. I just think it would make for informative and entertaining conversation. Anyone willing?

    1. I’m willing to do it. I would like to remain anonymous, but I am willing to do it. Just let me know date/time. I’m assuming this would be a call-in discussion right?

      1. The Appraiser Coach

        Bam! Someone willing to stand behind his/her convictions. Thanks, KY. Please email me at and I will get you the details. Yes, it will be a call in thing (like the first show was). I will need someone on the other side, however. Bil? Nelson? Anyone else who thinks it is a bad idea to carry a gun into someone’s house?

        1. “Anyone else who thinks it is a bad idea to carry a gun into someone’s house?”


          It’s not a “bad” thing it’s a ridiculous thing to do when simply inspecting an owner (or even tenant) occupied house. Go ahead and carry if you need to when inspecting vacant houses and REOs, I don’t really care.

          As I previously stated, in 40 years and 20,000 inspections I have felt the need exactly ZERO times. End of discussion….

  15. Big topic. Much bigger than the appraisal industry.

    I suppose I’ll attempt to keep it short (yea right).

    I find it peculiar that a person might be worried about an appraiser coming into their house with a firearm, who has been vetted, is documented as being at the property and who as part of a group, has about zero cases where they have used said firearm (or any weapon for that matter) to inflict harm on a homeowner (I’ve never heard of one). Yet, this same person (who we’ll say for sake of argument is pro-gun control) doesn’t seem to have a problem with being out-gunned by their government, who as a group (talking about the history of governments here), have a history of inflicting harm on humans, including their own citizens, in exactly all cases. I would be shocked if a person could come up with a single example of a country that did not sanction the murder of a human being at one time or another and even if a single example could be found, how does that single example stand up against all the other examples of government sanctioned murder?

    Our right to possess firearms, as granted in our constitution, has nothing to do with a person defending themselves against the threat of another citizen (though that is indeed an added benefit), rather is based on the fact that governments tend to take over their citizens once they have the power to do so and once the decision to do so lies in the hands of evil men who covet that power. I think it takes a lot of nerve for a person to ask another to drop their weapon without first dropping theirs. When the governments of the world disarm, then and only then might it be appropriate to ask civilians to also disarm as far as I am concerned. Until then, I support less gun control, not more. Go buy a tank or air-craft carrier if you can afford it for all I care, just don’t be shocked when the other guy fires back.

    I just find it amazing that so many people want to get fired up about citizen gun rights, yet when it comes to inflicting war upon other nations or groups, its all crickets. I find that to be backwards. My two cents is we need to work towards ending wars between nations before we tackle war between individuals.

    As far as appraisers packing heat? I dunno…Don’t take the assignment if the client requires you don’t carry and you want to. And for the homeowner, don’t threaten your appraiser and they wont pull out their gun. I don’t see the big deal either way.

    I don’t own a gun or carry a weapon of any kind on inspections (unless my pencil counts). I do pay attention to my surroundings. I have been scared a couple of times. After all, my state conjured up Ed Guine , Jeffery Dahmer and most recently Steve Avery. It can be a bit spooky to pull up to a property where no one is going to hear you scream.

    1. Good points. Although, I don’t have a problem with not carrying if the owner makes such a request. While it’s my right to have one/carry one, it’s also theirs to not allow it on their property or in their home. Of course, I don’t walk in with one on each side and an ammo belt. If I didn’t tell anyone, they wouldn’t know. That’s the whole point of concealed-carry. That’s not to say I don’t obey the stickers on courthouse doors, because I do. I’m just saying I don’t walk around like John Wayne (and I love John Wayne).

      It’s all about preparedness. I don’t carry one to terrorize, make myself look tough, or to intimidate people. Given it’s concealed, it’s kind of hard for it to change my image in any manner. I primarily appraise non-residential properties. There are times I’m driving around a farm and there are places my truck won’t go. I get out and walk around. There are farms where you have people using them as a safe haven to make meth. Those people don’t want you reporting them and have been known to do some pretty desperate acts to keep their labs secret. You are in the middle of nowhere, so what can you do? You may also run up on a wild animal (bobcats in our area) that could get aggressive. I have yet to use my carry firearm in any manner other than a shooting range. If I run up on an animal that could be aggressive, I try to get away quietly. If it’s a snake then I let it go its way and I go mine. I’m not one to just shoot something for the heck of it. I’m in their territory and they are probably just as alarmed at my being there as I am of them – after all, I’m in their territory. As long as I can leave without harm then I’m good, but the firearm is there just in case I can’t.

      I also appraised a property last year that was abandoned, but myself and a member of our staff walked in to find a squatter. They appeared to be more rattled than us and were actually in the process of leaving the property as we were walking in. They were later arrested after the property owner found out they were there after having been told to leave once before. But, what if they had a weapon or attacked us as we walked in. What if there was more than one of them and we became outnumbered?

      I was also talking to a home security technician not long ago. His manager kept calling him every 30 minutes or so. He apologized for it and said that the company policy is to check on them at least every 45 minutes or so to see where they were and how they were doing. The reason for this is because just a few months earlier a technician was at a home installing a system when an intruder entered the home and shot the owners and the technician on site. What if that happens while we are on the job? If you’re looking at a foreclosed property, you are already involved in the process and the owner of the property is already under duress. The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. When you are messing with someone’s home or livelihood then I’m sure it can bring out the worst in people.

      Those are the reasons I carry on the job. Like insurance, I’d rather have it and not need it as to need it and not have it.

  16. One could say that those who would never allow someone with a gun in their house is a bit paranoid. Do you really think an appraiser with a gun is going to hurt you? I think he will do his job and go home… I wonder how many law abiding citizens with concealed guns have actually hurt anyone? I don’t think the guy with the gun is paranoid it seams those who are scared to allow a law abiding citizen with gun enter their home are paranoid! …. Guns don’t hurt people! People hurt people!

    1. ” never allow someone with a gun in their house is a bit paranoid”

      If you are not a personal friend, family member or business associate you aint bringin ANY weapons into my house.

      Your 2nd Amendment rights end at my front door…

      1. So….are you saying that you have friends, family and business associates that are paranoid?

        Again, I point out that just because someone doesn’t have a gun doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try to do you harm. If that is their intent then stopping them from carrying a weapon will do no good. But, if you have one then your chances are much better.

  17. All these commenters coming out of the woods to discuss their gun practices while other appraisal/real estate sites are trying bring attention to the real problems facing or industry have few comments (what a joke). This also reminds me of articles from major websites concerning celebrities (thousands of comments) versus only a handful of comments on those articles that really matter to our related industry. You want to know who’s packing heat, I am because I have a fever from my low pay, lack of appraiser independence, increased liability, demands for faster turn times, AMC’s, etc. Lets get back on topic Dustin.

  18. Do you want to change the topic Dustin, here’s a suggestion? Why did my state of CA lose 40 appraisers over the past 30 days? I know CA with it’s 11,062 active licensees seems high compared to Idaho (is it 500?), but the fact that we are on pace to lose 500 this year should be alarming. What say you.

  19. To those who say “no firearms in my house”. I can respect that. However; we as appraisers don’t know who you are, since we are anonymous on this website. If that is a concern of yours, you should place a large conspicuous sign in your yard stating that your house and everything therein belongs to you and is a gun-free zone and that you do not allow guns in or on your property. That way we would know. Of course there’s also the possibility that somebody who would do you harm might also find out your are unarmed. But at the very least, anytime you have someone, a professional or otherwise come to your home, they should be made aware prior to the visit that you do not allow guns on your property. That way, they can either honor your request or refuse to provide services or otherwise enter. Personally, I would likely choose not to enter your house. You might be armed and not be telling me. Simple enough.

    Oh, and I choose not to give my name for reasons that should be obvious.

  20. I carry every day. I do not conceal, but at the same time I try to cover my gun with a vest or jacket. I have been asked about it by home owners, but at this time no one has ever been “put off” by it. Most folks are impressed that I carry and show me their arsenal. I have not ever had a client ask or it be mentioned. I think protecting ourselves from the world today is important. Things are crazy, people are crazy, and I for one want to be prepared. I do not think it is paranoid. Ladies, how many times have you shown up to a house and there be workers there painting or finishing some construction? When you go upstairs to take photos and leave workers downstairs……guess what? you are at their mercy…the only way down is the staircase you came up or a window. Some of these workers are undocumented….or may someones friend that just needed a job and someone called out. The builder may not know who is working on any given day….they are subcontractors, just saying. Protect yourself.

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  22. We are doing federal loan appraisal work, there for we do not conceal and carry just as you cannot conceal and carry in a federal bank. If we feel unsafe we call the local Police department for a escort on REO’s or vacated homes.

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