I Freaking Love My Job!!!

24 thoughts on “I Freaking Love My Job!!!”

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  2. I love it also. I was going to put a but after it, we all know the but’s or is it butt’s? Anyhow some people have to do the same thing every day at their job, some people have to do heavy physical labor, etc…Everyday is new and different in this business and it still is after 21 years. Reminds me of the movie Fury after a tough battle they would all say “best job I ever had”

  3. Chris Brownlee

    Great post today. I have to agree Dustin – I also Love My Job! There are days and even some weeks that a post like this is a good reminder, but I too Love My Job!

  4. Yes! You are Correct and I agree…. I love my Job. Every job has it’s drawbacks, but this Profession allowed me to have the freedom/flexibility to do things other Parents did not get to do and still make a living. 2007 and 2008 were tough, but I did get through it. I volunteered at my Kid’s school, went on field trips with them, every class program, walked them to school and was there when they came home. Then as they got older was able to coach them in sports, traveled the country watching them play baseball and see them grow up. Now that they are in college that time is spent working more so I can pay that bill. Yes I do Love my job for the wonderful time I have had and I am having with my family.

  5. Amen to that!! I often tell borrowers how much I love this job (except for the banking politics crap). When people ask if I’ll retire, I say “why? It’s not physically taxing and the money is good!” Can’t give that up!

  6. I have to agree! I love my job too! Sure there are those days that make you question it, but those are few and far between. I chose to focus
    on the good days and aspects of my job. The flexibility to set my own schedule is huge for me. To be able to be there for my children and now my grandchildren and not have to worry about taking too much time off, is immeasurable to me. I think if we practice gratitude for the positive in our job and life, it changes your perspective and in turn your life. -16yrs in the business and grateful for it.

  7. Randall R. Davis, SRPA, SRA

    I too love this ^&*# job. 40 years and I look forward to the next day. Every day is different, every home is different. Variety is the spice of life. ENJOY IT. My wife says being an appraiser is expensive when we decide to build a house. Why? Because I see all the really cool and unique stuff others have thought of and put into their home. Our friends and family see our houses and think I’m a genius because of novelty. Naw! I’m a plagiarist…..and love it. I can’t wait to see what I learn today….from others.
    Remember the following rules the appraiser must live by: Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Also: It is wiser to find out than to suppose.
    I consider an appraisal as an adventure: An undertaking with an uncertain outcome.

  8. I also tell everyone that I have one of the best jobs in the world! I have flexibility, I make AMAZING $, every day is something new and I have a real talent for it! I worked at Nordstrom for 17 years and had to deal with all the BS of being an employee. I always knew that I was self motivated and didn’t need anyone to hold my hand. Now, I run my own business, put two kids through the college of their choice and my husband was able to retire from law enforcement to work with me! It’s a wonderful job and I’m grateful every day!!!

  9. I love my job too, but it took a while before that happened. When I first became an appraiser I found it quite stressful and I was afraid of what I did not know. I was afraid of making a mistake. Now I am confident and relaxed, even when challenged over a value conclusion. My question is, looking back at all of the comments, where did the haters go? LOL, kinda miss those guys.

  10. Hahahahahaha!! Gary, I don’t miss the haters 🙂

    I too, FREAKING love my job. I have trainees and I know they can tell that I love it (plus, I tell them all the time what a great job it is) because I get excited about doing it.

  11. There definitely are some perks to this job. I carry my fishing pole with me, and when I’m out shooting rural comps I at times take some time and do a little fishing. I can take some time off to do things with my kids & grandkids for a few days, now I may have to bust it for a few days to catch up, but at least I have that choice . Thanks for the reminder about the good things about our profession.

  12. It is a great job, I feel like I haven’t worked in 25 years and I hope the next 25 years are the same. My youngest daughter teaches school and always says, i wish I enjoyed my job like you do. Dustin, i also like to inspect vacant houses myself, I do not want a Realtor with me telling me how it’s the best house on the block. Keep up the podcast and the positive vibes, now go out and create some value

  13. I absolutely love it too! I am beginning my 11th year next month after being a school teacher. We get to travel around North Texas and see various properties. I joined my husband and we love being able to work together. To me, there is always something to learn and it never gets monotonous. Thanks for sharing your mutual enthusiasm for the profession!

  14. I agree with all of you and I would say to Joe Kavanagh is the only thing better than not retiring is
    taking it up as a retirement gig. After 33 years at a major airline I was able to take early retirement
    with full benefits pension, medical, dental etc. and free unlimited travel for life. So I started 12 years ago
    and have a great life . Started my own company after I finished as a trainee. That was on my bucket list too.
    Am I bragging yea, but I have appraiser friends that also are retired from corporate and
    government jobs and are all very happy.

    So they talk about an appraiser shortage? I don’t think it will ever be a problem as long as there are retirees
    that would like to try a second career. The trainee years are not an issue as they are with a young person.

    Yep Life is Good.

  15. I have been appraising real estate for close to 30 years beginning in commercial appraisal and migrating over to residential back in the mid 90s. I look back and have enjoyed it and the flexibility, although driving in the DFW area now is real chore. I still like meeting the people and seeing the properties. As I have gotten older and friends and family have started retiring and asking me about becoming an appraiser, I kinda feel jealous a little bit. For the fact as Steve pointed out its a Great job and even more so if you dont have to worry about the downturns in the market and have a pension, medical, dental etc. heck there would be nothing to worry about, everyday a new adventure and it is but it would be a worry free adventure. I just say this upon looking back but what really got me was when I was injured at a property last spring. The homeowner was great, gave me his insurance and I filed but was denied so in legal trist over that. Its not so much that, but the fact that I was out of work for months and being self employed there is no unemployment to be had time to break into the savings/retirement account so that was a bummer. Ive been to properties and gotten into discussions about retiring, I tell the folks, you see your garden over there, if you see me face down in the garden, I HAVE RETIRED. It get a chuckle, but unfortunately its true. But at least I have a job I like and get to see interesting properties and meet some great folks. Its a great job but there are downsides I dont see anyone pointing out…do they outweigh the good, that is for each person to decide. Ive weathered it all these years as I do like it but as im much older now woulda done it different.

  16. This JOB used to be a profession until the powers that be turned it into a circus (regulations on top of regulations). Where there was once 120,000 of us 10 years ago , there are now only 75,000 of us. Of those 75,000 only half (per Collateral Underwriter numbers) choose to work in the residential field and submit reports through the CU system where they can monitor our numbers (they know who we are). Do you think the 45,000 people who chose not to review their licenses would say they liked this JOB? How about the only 50+/- trainees in the pipeline from the state of Illinois, what do their supervisors think? Dustin, for someone who loves their job so much, you certainty had to go out of your way to explain all of the negativity out there. While WE love our JOB, the government is developing automation to replace us by way of the data they are collecting from out reports. If we all love this profession, then stand up and call bull crap when you see it. How can lenders directly cut checks for VA assignments at $600 a pop, but play dumb (C&R), when other assignments go out for $300 (AMC split), and the appraiser is responsible for $15 delivery fees.

    Seek the truth.

  17. LOL. You are such a positive guy Dustin. It reminds me of shoveling snow, I tell myself how much fun it is and after a while I actually like it. Ok that was a joke and I used to love appraising too. I love all the same things you love now, just having a hard time getting over some others – things that I cant get to go away through positive reinforcement! But I gotta say, people like you inspire me to go out and find value in other places, which is what I am doing. A long road to be sure, but I am hoping in 5 years after my seeds are nurtured and grown I will love the appraisal profession again and maybe even be sitting on the very top of it – we shall see.

    1. Thanks, M. Here is my dirty little secret: The reason I love my job is that I have delegated (with oversight) most of the parts I hate. That way, I can focus on the parts I love.

  18. Hi that’s great ! So motivating I’m just about to finish my trainee section and need to find a mentor any suggestions ?

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