Who Is Mark Skapinetz?

Reserved is not a word that anyone would use to describe Mark Skapinetz; at least of those who know him. Shy is not in his vocabulary. Mark is the founder of the “100% Real Estate Appraisers” group on Facebook. He joined me on April 23, 2017 as a guest on The Appraiser Coach Podcast to discuss everything from training the next generation of appraisers to the AMC debacle.

Mark SkapinetzMark believes that appraisers are being held captive by AMCs. Though he works for a handful of AMCs himself (in other words – he is not completely anti-AMC), Mark is very picky about the clients that he does work for. In Mark’s opinion, customary and reasonable fees are like unicorns; they don’t exist. Though he is a believer in the free market system, Mark shares his opinions about the current situation we find ourselves in.

Mr. Skapinetz is a huge advocate of getting involved in the process (political or otherwise), and he sets the example. He is involved in a national coalition, moderates a private Facebook group, and lets his voice be heard with regard to appraiser independence. “Free the appraiser” is his mantra, and he is constantly pushing for a better life for valuation professionals.

During our interview, I asked Mark a intriguing question, “Is the problem with the AMCs or is it with the appraiser?” In other words, is it he low fees the AMCs are pushing or it is the fault of the appraisers who are accepting such low fees?

Mark is an insightful individual and gave credit where credit is due. “It is both,” he answered.

What about appraiser shortages? Do they exist? Mark believe that much of the mantra is overblown and untrue. His view is that it is more about a lack of appraisers who are willing to sell themselves out to lowest common denominator than an actual lack of appraiser population. However, he is not immune to the situation at hand. There is an aging population of appraisers and not too many new trainees coming in to take their place. Mark is anti-four-year degree, but he is pro reasonable qualifications and is an advocate for new blood in the industry.

Mark’s Skapinetz is a real appraiser with real opinions and his interview is worth a listen whether you are new The Appraiser Coach Podcast or a long time listener. To join Mark on Episode 219, click on one of the links below.



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12 thoughts on “Who Is Mark Skapinetz?”

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  2. Go to 100% real estate appraisers on Facebook and ask to join. Mark will verify you’re an appraiser before you can join.

  3. Anybody read the Lawsuit about the Teeth Whitening Kiosks in the Malls…….It was the article in Working RE on June 7th. How it pertains to Appraisers e with this new FTC ruling.
    We are in Direct competition with AMC’s, therefore, getting a customary and reasonable Fee is impossible.
    I have said this for years, and do not work for AMC’s unless they will give me the Fee I ask. Sometimes out of desperation they do. Mostly Not. I go out of my way to find non AMC work.
    Also, hopefully we will get total reciprocation of Licensing so we can move around from State to State without all the hoopla. I want to be able to move where there is work, just like every other human being with any other company. There is 50 States, and why should be stuck in one place because of a License or the inability to pay for 2 or three licenses. Think about all the review appraisers that work for Banks. They review in all states the Lender Covers. Do they have separate Appraiser licenses for each state they do review work? We have to as Field Appraisers when doing a review. If they don’t, and they are ultimately making the important decisions on whether or not to Loan money, how are they proficient in doing that without the appropriate Licensing? Does anyone else wonder about these NON rules?

  4. Good Points Debbie……Never really thought @ the reviewers not being in the state of the property they’re reviewing. Very very good point. Perhaps 1 (one) & only 1 (one) Appraisal license out to be good for all 50 states, what does anyon think @ that?

  5. Kentucky has a AMC regulation that any AMC reviewer must hold a valid Kentucky License.

    My comment as to reasonable and customary fees is the fee I charge is based on the estimated time to complete the assignment. I hold certified general license in Kentucky and Tennessee. Commercial work has always been on a bid basis. Residential work would be much the same if the client be it AMC, Bank, or direct lender offer the assignment to people on their approved list of appraisers with 24-48 hours to bid. The work goes to whoever will do the work in the least amount of time and for the least amount of money. This system will guarantee that the FTC will never have a problem with anti trust issues in the appraisal industry.

  6. Mike Heffernan

    Some States are reciprocal I am not sure how many are but they go by the Appraisal foundation I believe and AQB if you are you are…………..

  7. It’s simple; your ultimate success will come by joining the Appraisal Institute, based in Chicago.

    If you truly want to be recognized as the best in the world A.I. is the path to follow. You’ll rub elbows with SRA’s and MAI’s that will help you achieve those designations. Banks, states, counties, lawyers, individuals will contact you that want a truly professionally well documented and supported appraisal. A.I. lists numerous institutional job opportunities that you can answer once you’re a member.

    From there you can branch into a wide variety of real property assignments.

    Good luck, Hal

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