Being the Master of Your Destiny

A businessmans hand holding the word, Destiny.

Sometimes I think we forget the blessings and unique opportunities that come with being an appraisal business owner. While there are certainly many struggles that come with owning your own business, I love the independence I have as a business owner.

I know many people who love the security of working for someone else. They love having a consistent paycheck, set hours, and a set job description. I can understand where they are coming from, and I want to stress that there is nothing wrong with this mindset. However, I personally do not find the same security working for someone else because, as an employee, you are dependent on your boss for pay, hours, and ultimately a job; you could be fired at any time. I would much rather be in control of all of these aspects myself.

As a business owner, I decide my own schedule, pay, time off, and promotions. Typically, my actions directly reflect my pay scale. As long as I stay focused on my business and not in my business, I remain in control of what happens in my life and in my business. For example, I recently gave myself a promotion by hiring a personal assistant and additional certified appraiser. This change has allowed me to focus more on the aspects of my business that I want to spend time in.

I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities that you have as a business owner. Take stock of where you are currently and set goals for where you want to be in the future. Ultimately, choose to take responsibility and control over your life and business. 

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 265 Controlling Your Own Promotions As An Appraisal Business Owner

6 thoughts on “Being the Master of Your Destiny”

  1. Dustin, I have really found value in your emails and podcasts this year. Looking forward to more content in 2020. Also, considering signing up for your coaching classes.

    Doug Godwin

  2. While I agree starting my appraisal business was the smartest career move I ever made back in 2001. You cannot deny that the Dodd/Frank Communist takeover of our industry severely damaged our free enterprise ability. I have been fortunate enough to make a good living without the use of slimy AMC’s, however trying to get new non AMC work is far more difficult if not nearly impossible since prior to 2011.

  3. Thanks for the reminders in this article and throughout the year Dustin. Things can be or get tough but I wouldn’t change my career choice for much. With getting away from much of the single family lending work, it is definitely time to search for trainee or residential appraiser to train, advance and assist me in my daily.

  4. Since my Navy days in the late sixties I have pretty much been self employed and in the appraisal business over the past 30 years or so. I have always said that I was unemployed until I got up in the morning each day to go to work. I really don’t know if I could actually work at a “job” for someone else.

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  6. Pink Slip – Here’s one possibility. “There is uncertainty about how the term pink slip originated. A common explanation is that a termination notice was printed on pink paper so that it would stand out from other paperwork the employee received. The term also has links to the early years of the Ford Motor Company. A history journal suggests Ford’s assembly line workers were issued either a white or pink piece of paper, which management slipped into their lockers at the end of each day. A white slip of paper meant that the employee was wanted at work the next day, a pink slip meant that their services were no longer required. The first recorded reference of the term in the Oxford English Dictionary was in 1915. Interestingly, termination notices in Germany are associated with blue, and yellow in France.”

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