Saving Photos as an Appraiser

It is no secret that we as appraisers take a lot of photos. I probably take about 20-25 per house that I inspect. Then there are all the comp photos. While I have a saved copy for most of the photos I take in my report, I also like to keep backups of my appraisal photos. I end up needing a lot of photo storage, and that is just for work. I also have many personal and family photos that I want to save. To put it simply, I have sometimes struggled to know where and how to save all my photos conveniently and securely. 

Before I get to that however, one feature of Total I want to point out that I do use daily is the Workfile. This is a section of Total that allows you to save additional documents, notes, and photos that you want for your personal records but that will not actually go in the physical report. I use most of the photos I take in the report, but there are always at least a few photos that I take but do not actually use in the report.  I keep notes for the office in the Workfile and any extra photos that I take. 

I used Dropbox to store my photos for many years. About once a month I used to clean my camera roll of any unwanted photos and then upload them all to Dropbox. The problem was that as I uploaded my photos into dropbox, they simultaneously downloaded to my computer. As a result, my computer storage quickly began to fill up. I think Dropbox is a very useful tool and one I use for many different purposes, but I have found a better way to store my photos.

Thankfully, I have found a solution to my photo storage problems: Google Photos. This tool used to be free and offer unlimited storage space, but now you pay for what you use – though it is very affordable. I also love the search technology available. The facial recognition and how things are organized by date. If I ever need to find a photo, it is extremely simple to find it by either going back to the date it was taken or by using the search bar in the system. I highly recommend looking at using Google Photos, but I would also like to know what other tools you have used as an appraiser to store your photos. 

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  2. I like the feature in Dropbox that automatically uploads photos from your phone to your computer. When I’m almost done the with appraisal report, I simply drag the photos from my Dropbox “Camera Uploads” to the work file in Total. Then I have the photos forever in the a la mode Vault but my computer and Dropbox never fill up.

  3. I use Microsoft One Cloud. I get 1 terabyte free storage with my Office 365 subscription and it integrates with my Android phone to automatically upload any photos taken with it. Similar to Google except more storage that I get for free because of the subscription.

  4. I save all my comp photos on my computer. Each photo gets labeled with the comp’s address so I can search for and reuse recent comp photos when needed. I also do the same for property cards and MLS data. I work in rural areas where my comps are sometimes 10-20+ miles apart. 100-200 mile adventures are quite common these days, so to be able to cut down on unnecessary trips for photos is important. I don’t retake photos because of snow or other seasonal cues unless I happen across a property on the way or because I forgot to search for prior photos of a comp when mapping out my route. If the photo was taken prior to when the property sold, I usually retake it, unless the property was under contract at the time of the photo.

    I use Google Drive to back up my work files for the current year and OneDrive for the prior years. I should use Total’s workfile to back up each file as well, but sadly I don’t.

  5. So I use my IPAD for everything and the photos get uploaded to the Icloud and are super easy to find any time.

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