The Problem With Perspective

There’s a common theme that comes up a lot in my coaching, and that is overcoming the idea that people have of what is – or is not – possible. What we’re really talking about here is perspective. There are those who think they know the principles that I teach, and strongly disagree with them. And, to these people’s credit, they feel like they’ve done their research. They’ve read my blog, they’ve listened to my podcast, and they feel like they know what it is that I do and how I do it. People have their opinions, and I respect that. If you’ve done enough research to truly know what it is that I teach and you still disagree, my hat goes off to you. The problem I have is when people think they know what’s going on, and base their opinions off of false assumptions.

Something I learned about from Steven Covey is the idea of a paradigm. Put simply, your paradigm is the way you see the world because of your experiences and your opinions. Our paradigms affect the way we approach our jobs and our lives. However, they can keep us back from accomplishing everything we can otherwise accomplish.

For instance, there are those who say that I can’t do the volume that I do without cutting corners. And, from their perspective, they’re right. But they might also have the opinion that “If you want to do something right, you’ve got to do it yourself.” If I followed that paradigm, I would absolutely not be able to do what I do without cutting corners. By following the law of delegation, however, I am able to get much more done than if I did it all myself.

So to those who see the way other people do things and think, “That’s impossible,” I invite you to consider your paradigm. For those struggling to make ends meet or feeling burnt out after another 15-hour day, consider if there is a better way to do things. Broaden your horizons. Don’t ever say that something is impossible, because with the right perspective, nothing is impossible!

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13 thoughts on “The Problem With Perspective”

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  2. It’s about controlling your perspective, directing your actions properly, and accepting what is outside your control. Each appraiser must decide what actions are required for them, and determining what is outside their control. Outsourcing makes sense if you trust the source, and review the information prior to submitting the report. USPAP states that the client, and any intended users in a summary report will be able to understand the report properly. Direct your efforts to provide a quality report that meets USPAP standards, and avoid the false temptations of “get rich now” by cutting corners to satisfy your due date.

  3. Or, maybe we disagree with you because we have more experience, do BETTER than your “coaching” provides all on our own and think your ideas aren’t actually that unique. Or maybe some appraisers are just happy with the level of business they do, not because the don’t know “how” to do more, but don’t WANT to do more. Or maybe they’re just turned off that someone with your level of intelligence and qualification holds themselves out to be an “expert”. What a whiny little blog post – you should have titled it “Stop picking on me – I’m right and you’re wrong….but I still respect you….even though you’re wrong”. THIS post is exactly why no one should listen to you. Get a real job.

    1. Your absolutely right Real Appraiser. Considering Dustin has 3 other appraisers he competes against within his own county, and maybe a few hundred in the entire state of Idaho, he is out of touch with the common appraiser (in the big cities). In my primary county (San Diego), I compete with 900 appraisers that are all within +/- 30 minutes of me, and compete against another 5,000+ who are only a couple of hours away. Selling out to corporate greed (AMC’s, etc.), outsourcing to the Philippines to save a dollar an hour, and spinning reality to make a money of the backs of appraisers, is borderline unamerican.

      For those who have sought the truth for years like I have (5+ years on this site), and called bull crap when I see it, this blog of denial is proof I have more work to do.

      Stop putting profits before principles, and seek the truth Dustin.

  4. Sure there is counseling for that… Anyway, thanks Dustin for all you do in the aim of helping others that are seeking it in this industry, while being an entrepreneur at the same time. Re-listening to 7 habits now coincidentally… We all get to choose how we do our day to day.

  5. Bill Johnson and Real Appraiser, you are the kind of appraisers that I wish would leave the business! You’re so cynical and think that you know everything there is to know about appraising. Just because you two are mediocre appraisers who probably squeak by a living, you think Dustin must be a real s*** bag since he is so successful. He works circles around you and you’re jealous so you berate him! Stop reading his blog if you hate him so much? He obviously takes pride in his business but all you can do is bash him. You are what is wrong with this country. I sure hope you retire soon so that we get rid of the bad apples in this business!!!

    1. Yes Joyce, nothing to see here but the coaching of the destruction of an industry, the picking of your pocket from the man himself, and the churn and burn of 4 to 9 appraisals a day. Good luck following your fearless leader, drinking his Kool-Aid, and working with those AMCs he is so proud to push (yes of course only the good ones).

      A question for you Joyce, does Dustin even write these blogs, read these blogs, or has he outsourced them to the Philippines like most of the appraisal? I ask because, unlike some truly informative appraiser bloggers out there, Dustin has not commented in most likely a year+ (I dare you to research and report the last time he commented within the comments).

      Its not all bad Joyce, I hear you get an all-star pin when you graduate, and get a coupon for 10% off your next Swedish Goldfish purchase.

      Seek the truth, tell the truth, and expose those who don’t speak the truth Joyce.

  6. joe the appraiser


    I feel sad for you. What proof do you have that The Appraiser Crotch tells the truth when he boasts how much money he makes or how intelligent he is? I have attended several classes where senior USPAP instructors have commented how incorrect he is in statements he makes (such as calling the realtor when value can not be made). He makes a living NOT from appraising but from scamming naïve folks into thinking he can help them because he has secret knowledge no-one else has.

    You have been in the business for almost 16 years, you should know better.

    Here is some free advise – fix your website – it does not even show up in a google search. You have a website but you use a yahoo email address – very professional! Simple knowledge and some web searches will improve your business – the only reason The Appraiser Crotch could help you would be that you are helpless or to lazy to help yourself.

    Skip the bald rube, he is a scammer who preys on the weak. Seek the truth!!!


  7. Bill, you’ve been seeking the truth for quite a while now. Yet you have nothing to offer here. Your non-response to Dustin’s offer to come on and have a friendly exchange of views reveals your true colors. Why should anybody care what you think? What can you do to help me or anybody else in this little group?

    1. While yes Dan, the Bill Johnsons, the joe the appraisers, and the real appraisers of the world (commenters here) should just drink the Kool-Aid and cheer on Dustin’s squad of all stars. Good luck with that. Some of use go through life by not following others blindly, but rather seek the truth and call bull crap when we see it (bull crap). As it relates to a Dustin podcast, I dare you to count the number of comments his last 50 have received. I’m betting the under (-20 comments), and don’t need to waste my time when no one seems to care. As it relates to helping you Dan, depending on your level of appraiser coach enchantment, the spell might be to great to break. That being said, if you want some advice, get off the AMC panels (even the good ones), get on the VA panel, and track down some direct lenders.

      Seek the truth.

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