Baby Steps

Every Sunday evening at 8 pm I get a notification on my phone that says “Don’t forget your big 3!” What are the big 3? The big 3 are weekly goals that I set. These goals may be related to goals the week before, but they don’t have to be. The purpose of doing “the big 3” is twofold: to review the goals from the week before, and to set new goals for the new week.

When reviewing my old goals from the week before, if there’s one that I didn’t accomplish, I like to refer to the phrase “keep, tweak, or leap.” I either keep the goal, tweak it to make it more specific, attainable, or applicable, or I leap from it and set a new goal altogether.  When that’s done, I set goals for the week.

These goals should be set so that they help you reach your big goals, perhaps a goal you set for the year. For instance, if your big goal is to lose weight or get in shape, your weekly goals might be to make sure you’re under your calories this week, or to go to the gym at least 5 times. The most important thing is that your “big 3” goals actually help to move you toward your primary goals, whatever those might be.

Be sure to review your goals daily throughout the week, incorporating them into your days as necessary (or as time allows) to make sure they get done. Use an accountability partner. When the week is done, review your progress and set new goals as necessary. This is the process by which you will be able to make your big goals realistic and attainable, and is the method I use to attain my goals.

6 thoughts on “Baby Steps”

  1. Just some questions about our industry (from a busy appraiser in NC).. Why aren’t the GSE’s promoting the use of trainees? How come alternate education isn’t a thing yet? How come most banks will not allow trainees to complete appraisal work or at least the inspection portion? Doesn’t an inspection from a 3rd party take the independence away from the appraiser? Why are appraiser’s required to inspect comps from the street still? (biggest time killer there is) Why are orders still ordered the way they are? (there has to be a better way – more centralized way – based on location not relationship with bank/amc/lender) Will the appraiser be able to charge for time it takes to figure out if enough data is available for a hybrid report? Why aren’t hybrid reports called “value finds” (a lesser product)? Why aren’t they done in house by the bank? Why don’t banks employ more appraisers (with actual proper salaries) directly to conduct in house appraisal work? Will the banks take that risk on? —- I am not quite sure that more hands in the cookie jar is the way to push the industry forward. – Thanks for what you do Dustin!

    1. Considering Dustin sold his appraisal business Adam, and hasn’t commented here in I would guess a couple of years, don’t hold your breath for any answers. In short, Dustin is a W2 corporate man now and most likely could care less about your concerns as his new role is to see how little his company can pay the appraiser, while they keep the differance. Seem familiar?

      Seek the truth Adam, but you won’t get it from Dustin as his appraisal business folded, and he sold out to the man. “Do as I say and not what I do”.

  2. Love, love, love this article. Great advice, great reminder that we’re on a mission and how we get there is sometimes by stumbling over blocks we didn’t see. By reviewing our goals our progress and having the courage to say, “keep, leap or tweak”, is the stirring of our lives given to us with purpose. Thanks Dustin for everything you do and have done to keep us on the right path to being the best we can be.

  3. I got an email from an AMC, stating that all purchase orders with 10% or more down, they will do a desk top appraisals with floor plans provided by outside vendors. The outside vendors do not have to abide by ANSI standards per email. But the appraiser has to? That means the appraiser can not rely on the square feet as being accurate!! side note, our business work flow has declined 50% from this time last year. Let’s all prepare for a slow down!!
    A comment on taking photos of comps, the same with square feet adjustments, site adjustments, etc. “trust me” I know. Really! I agree, 80% of the time the location is not a factor, but 20%+- the location of the comparable is a factor. Unless you drive, you will not know! No photos, no driving comps (sounds like a desktop – then your fee is cut!!). Not driving a comparable is a guessing game. Do realtors go to open houses?

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