Caution Where Needed

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Toward the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I heard a lot of people who said something like, “Dustin, I think that there’s going to be a lot more flexibility because of this.” Now, I like to look at change as a positive thing. I like the opportunity afforded us by change, but I also think that we should approach such change and opportunity with caution. We must still make sure we have enough credible information to be able to give a good appraisal.

There may be some passes given right now, but when it comes to money, collateral, and contracts, there will be fingers pointed when things go wrong. It is our job to identify problems to be solved, identify and perform the scope of work necessary to determine solutions, and to then report that work. If you don’t have enough credible information to perform a good-quality inspection, don’t do it. Let it come back and bite someone else.

With regard to many changes that are upcoming in the appraisal world (hybrids and desktops for example), the same caution applies. If you do not have enough credible information to produce a credible report, you must decline the assignment and go about it a different way. To not do so is reckless.

When it comes right down to it, it is always important to maintain your credibility and integrity as an appraiser. If you maintain your personal integrity and credibility, your appraisals will be credible. This will benefit your business in the long run. Enjoy the flexibility while it’s here, but exercise some caution – make sure to maintain your credibility!

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14 thoughts on “Caution Where Needed”

  1. Credibility? That’s funny coming from someone who hasn’t been a full time appraiser since 2010, doesn’t currently do appraising but rather is a W2 employee for an AMC, and has recently said they used to adjust to the nearest 6 inches on their sketch’s. Lets hope your new True Footage gig at least measures to the nearest 3 inch’s.

    Please, seek the truth.

  2. Really 3 inches how much difference is there between 3 inches and a half foot. The difference is minimal and don’t forget we are comparing this to properties measured to the nearest foot tax offices. Don’t forget nobody’s house is square. Just seems like a way to ding more appraisers. I can remember years ago when FHA chastised Appraisers are not measuring to the nearest foot

    1. The difference between 3 inches and a foot Ron, is three inches (glad I could help). The question is, are you presenting a true, factual, and consistent document after you take 50 measurements on the same home while rounding to the nearest 6 inches like Dustin does? With new Fannie Mae ANSI standards, the answer is NO (nearest inch now required).

      One should ask, if the Dustin’s of the world aren’t seeking the truth during the sketch process, what other shortcuts are being done to churn and burn 4 to 9 appraisals a day while working in three states?

      Stop putting profits before principles, and seek the truth.

  3. Bill, why do you hate Dustin so much that you have to be the first person to comment on his posts? You seem like you have a real vendetta for him.

    1. Don’t confuse hate for love of a profession, and don’t be afraid to call bull crap when you see it. Considering Dustin is no longer a fulltime appraiser (hasn’t been since 2010), doesn’t drink the medicine he is selling, and is a W2 employee for an AMC (how’s that working out for us), of course I question Dustin’s credibility and integrity.

      As it relates to being first, the question is, why are you currently last Joyce?

      Seek the truth.

      1. Dustin Harris

        B.J. your loathing of me shines through in your vitriol, but let me clarify some things. I am still an appraiser. I assume I do many more appraisals every month than you do. Been an active appraiser for 28 years. I sold my business (I did not “lose” it as you have said in prior posts). I am a W-2 employee doing basically the same thing (running a business) as I was doing before. I teach appraisers how to become super successful as business owners (a teaching I have exemplified). True Footage, Inc. is FAR from an AMC. In your truth seeking my friend, do your homework. My credibility and integrity are not questionable in your mind. Finally, since you brought up integrity, this is a great time to remind readers that ‘Bill Johnson’ does not exist. It is a handle a man (or woman) created for himself to hide behind a keyboard. Bill, my invitation to come clean and stand with integrity behind your attacks remains.

  4. I don’t think the measuring has a lot to do with what’s going on, the hybrids and desktops are what’s changing. If all appraisers don’t do them, they don’t exist. I won’t do them for ALL the reasons we shouldn’t. If you want to open an AMC and make more $$ do it, but don’t shit in the bed that gave you sleep.

    1. You do understand Francy that Dustin is no longer a fulltime appraiser, but rather is a W2 employee at True Footage right? The company he works for is all out desktops and hybrids, and providing sketch technology to fill the void while the appraiser will make half of a half of a half (AMC splits).

      Knowing this, I question Dustin’s credibility and integrity.

      Seek the truth.

  5. Dustin was an appraiser for many years and has, for years, given great tips for people who are seeking advice on the many nuances of appraising. So what if he has advanced himself to NOT do the day to day appraising anymore (yes, we know, since 2010), SO WHAT. Most of his readers know this. Do you think he doesn’t remember how to appraise? Do you think he isn’t current on what’s going on? That he has no credibility to promote something…anything (yes, even if he is in cahoots with the company). C’mon, you need to take a breather and maybe find a hobby. It is clear you have been in the business a long time and have gripes with someone climbing beyond the trenches and making money marketing and coupling up with some of these side businesses who want to use him and his name. Whatever….we’re not idiots…we get it. Just think you need to ask yourself why so much anger….

    1. If by great tips you mean get in bed with the AMC’s, form a churn and burn business (4 to 9 appraisals a day) where you are dependent on such a model, coach appraisers to get dependent on the AMC teat, then switch sides, I guess you’re right TM

      As it relates to “most readers know this”, past comments within these blogs often tell a different story.

      Concerning, “Do I think he isn’t current on what’s going on”, considering he’s commented he used to measure to the nearest 6” for his sketches in the past, I would argue he may not know what’s going on.

      Bottom line, don’t come crying to us TM when the True Footages of the world take your already 50% AMC split, and split it another 50%.

      Seek the truth, find the truth, tell the truth, and judge others by what they do with the truth. Take sides at your own peril TM.

  6. Precision is a delusion – measurements will vary due weather conditons, temperature, humidity and angle of measurement. Measurements are rarely of great accuracy and are dependent on the tools. Seel tapes expand and contract due to temperature. If meauresments are not totally level they will vary. As noted, homes are rarely total equal on all sides due to the limitations of construction and weathering.
    The greater the rules and requirements for measurements and methods the greater the conculsions will be misleading if not inaccurate.
    Methods of measurement must vary as to type, style, elevation and floor plans. To attempt to dictate for all circumstances leads to fallacious results. It would be great to be exact in all circumstances howerver qualified subjective judgement by true experts is required.

    1. Considering the message from the coach is to churn and burn 4 to 9 appraisals a day by outsourcing as much of the work as possible to 3rd world countries, I’m sure your opinion is shared by most who drink the coach’s Kool-Aid and put profits before principles.

      Me, I’ve spent most of the day researching and analyzing my local markets reaction to 140 sf of space that is below 5′ in ceiling height on a 110 year old historic plaque home that is mills act protected.

      Seek the truth if you want, or just round to the nearest foot and churn and burn your way to that next AMC order.

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