Love What You Do, Do What You Love

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Imagine yourself on a crisp sunny day in February bombing down a hill of fresh powder in your new skis… can you picture it? Or maybe instead of shredding the mountain, you’d rather take an evening of roasting marshmallows on the beach with the people you love. Moments and memories like these are what we live for. And although you may love what you do at work, you work so you can do what you love in your life. 

When you take a look around, do you love what you do? As an appraiser, there is something fulfilling about being in people’s homes doing inspections, going through the home, and getting to know the homeowner. The things you learn as you select viable comps or study the real estate market can be rewarding too. It’s more than valuation, it can be so gratifying to be a business owner–setting your own schedule, teaching and training, creating lofty goals and making decisions about improvement and success. 

But no job worth doing is ever easy, and owning a business is definitely no exception. Hopefully, you really enjoy what you do. But that doesn’t eliminate those tough days that fall upon us all. Sometimes you have to push through the daily grind, solve seemingly insurmountable problems, deal with the inevitable arguing and complaining, and keep your team motivated and happy all at the same time. These moments leave you wondering where your inspiration was going when it walked out the door. If you find yourself in this camp every once in a while, you’re in good company. If you feel like you’re here more often than not, you might need to take a look around and see if there’s something you can change. You could be steps away from where you want to be. Maybe you’ll have a better outcome if you change your seat on the bus and try something new. If it’s that bad for you, you might consider changing vehicles all together. Think about what gets you up in the morning and find a way to love what you do. 

Remembering the one thing you work for can help you love what you do if you don’t already. You spend all of your time as an appraiser spouting your opinion of value on homes and property, while the reason you work is for those priceless moments with the people you love. Creating a business that offers this opportunity and flexibility is your challenge and greatest need. But with the resources available to you right here, it can be your reality. Reach out, send an email, make a phone call. Use these accessible assets to create value not only for your clients, but for your life, so that you can be confident the people who stand beside you in the workplace will hold down the fort the next time you step out of the office to take an afternoon trip with your family. 

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode:

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