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I was recently contacted by an individual with a question. This woman said that she has been using an iPad for years to do her mobile inspections, but had heard that I use my iPhone, and was wondering how that worked. I’ve heard this question repeated several times: can I use my smartphone for inspections? In short, the answer is yes, you can! As mentioned above, I’ve been using my smartphone to do inspections now for several years. Here are some things that I’ve learned about using your phone for your work.

           First, when I used an iPad, I used it to steady my laser when I was measuring walls. With a phone, you can’t do that. But I’ve found that using my elbow and arm works just as well. I just put my elbow up against the corner, press my body into the wall to steady my hand, and voila! My laser is just as steady as it is with the iPad. Secondly, when you’re working with a drawing, I’ve found that using the pinch-and-zoom technique works wonderfully well with keeping track of where you are, especially since you don’t generally work with the whole thing at once. This makes the smaller screen just fine for doing your appraisal work.

           I highly recommend using your smartphone to do your work! It is less screen, but it’s also a lot less bulk to carry around. It works great, and everything you need (including flash for your camera and a data plan) is already included. While the iPad still works great, I think that using an iPhone works just as well. Say goodbye to having another piece of technology to lug around, and start using your smartphone.

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode:

10 thoughts on “Smart Inspections”

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  2. Robert E Powers

    I have a neck lanyard and case made specifically for my iPad so I just let it hang unless Im holding it up to input data, especially since I still have to measure exterior corners with a tape measure.

  3. I think it’s been awhile since we have had some updated inspections using modern tech. Thanks for bringing this up. I think I might take some “Practice swings” with my Note 10 and see how well it works.

    1. I’ve been using Total for Mobile the Note 4. I recently upgraded my Note 10+ to the thrilled and am very happy. Samsung did away with the Note series, but the Ultra has the S pen, curved edges, superior camera, and all the premium bells and whistles. It is basically the Note rebranded. There’s a short learning curve if you’re coming over from paper and clipboard, but it’s worth it in the long run. *Pro Tip – don’t toss out your clipboard. I clip it to the siding and use it to bounce my laser for those long measurements when there’s not a downspout or other object available.

  4. I ditched the iPad quick, too big and bulky. Been using the iPhone ever since. The screen size is not a problem once you get used to it. Also, I did HUD REO appraisals and would go into attics without lighting and the iPad had no flashlight. The phone is the way to go, IMO

  5. I have tried both the phone and tablet, I currently use a Samsung tablet, it has a rear flash on camera and I also have a shoulder strap for carrying. I generally do not carry my phone on inspection as I do not want interruptions or calls while I am with a client/HO/agent etc…

  6. Danny Williams

    I use my iPhone on most inspections now also. It works great. My only issue, on the iPad I typically arrow over to draw many walls. On my iPhone I can’t figure out how to do that.

  7. iPad Pro now has a flash correcting the prior issue. I use the iPad Pro due to the larger screen. It eliminates the need to use reading glasses. I also have it attached to a rigid case with built in keyboard which allows for not only something larger to grasp but is much easier to type in notes at the end when you don’t want the home owner to hear your “voice to text”.

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