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When it comes to getting business, a lot of us like to go for the “low-hanging fruit.” AMCs are a wonderful source of that “easy to get” business. They’ve been the “bread and butter” of my appraisal business for years. But, as the saying goes, it can be wise to make sure that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. In recent years, I’ve started trying to make connections with real estate agents as well, and it has proven beneficial for me. True, appraisers and agents may seem to be at odds with each other a lot of the time; one tries to be an impartial third party, and one is a salesman. However, if we take the time to connect, I think that working together with agents can be a great source of business.

           When it comes to making connections, there’s always the good old-fashioned method of going and talking to them in person. I’ve done this several times before. I’ve gone to groups of agents and opened it up to them for their questions about appraisals and working with appraisers. This method definitely works, but there’s another way as well, through social media. I’ve found that using Facebook Groups (not pages or profiles – but groups) has worked very well. In Facebook Groups, I am able to connect with agents as the appraisal professional and answer questions they have. This has promoted understanding on both sides, and been a great benefit to us all.

           So, if you’re considering trying to do business with agents, I would highly recommend using Facebook Groups and other social media. This has proven a great way for me to connect with agents and talk them through their concerns about appraisal work. If you haven’t started work with agents yet, give it a try! You might just be glad you did.

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5 thoughts on “Connecting With Agents”

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  2. I would just add that, Freedom is getting very close to releasing a cloud based suite of software, with a mobile data collection solution that works with Android. Speaking only for myself, I can’t wait to test drive this new suite of software. The subscription is monthly. And, they’ve already asked me about MLS integration. Looks like it has all the bells and whistles that the big boys have.

  3. Pierce Blitch, III, GRI, RAA, IFAS, ASA

    I have been speaking to agent sales meetings for years. We have appraiser panels (3-4) that do Lunch and Learn for the local Association of Realtors that draw over 100 agents at least 1-2 times per year. I get multiple referrals monthly.

    I was on a panel of 3 appraisers that took questions from the local Mortgage Bankers Association breakfast meeting last month. They typically draw about 35-40 but there were over 70 at this meeting that included processors and underwriters. You would be surprised how many referrals you get from the mortgage people for non mortgage work.

    It also helps to serve on local Association of Realtor Committees. They have found it helpful for me to serve on the MLS committee as the Appraiser representative. This has made me the go to guy for appraisal questions and I have received multiple referrals from this for Cash sales, divorces, and pre listing. I don’t feel you can be in front of the agents enough.

    You can also set up a list serve of “Professional Real Estate Agents” and email articles from different appraisal publications and Blogs that pertain to things that might help agents. These include LINKS to the the blogs from Ryan Lundquist at the Sacramento Appraisal Blog and Tom Horn with the Birmingham Appraisal Blog. If you do this, make sure to forward the entire blog so that the authors are given full credit.

  4. Pierce is right. I’ve been speaking to real estate agent groups for many years and those connections and referrals keep the non-lender appraisal work flowing, not just for me, but for my staff.

  5. I don’t work with AMC’s, have a website, nor rub shoulders with agents, but rather have spent time over the years seeking the truth to find the clients I want to work with. I have more work than I can do, and there is a waiting list for my services.

    Congratulations on doing your part to destroy the industry for some Dustin, “AMCs are a wonderful source of that “easy to get” business. They’ve been the “bread and butter” of my appraisal business for years”.

    Good luck to those who have applied Dustin’s teachings, and are not getting AMC work even though your bids start with a two.

    Seek the truth.

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