Charge Your Batteries!

Computer cable and plug bends to make the shape of a battery icon with empty battery power bar.

A couple years ago, I went out and bought a new camping trailer. This trailer, like many other recreational 5th wheels, has a battery that powers it. But this battery isn’t like the battery that you would find in a car, motorcycle, snowmobile, or even a flashlight. This battery is called a deep-cycle battery.

What’s different about this battery? The difference is that this battery is designed to fluctuate. It’s meant to go through a cycle of low charge and high charge as it’s used, while maintaining a long battery life. The key to making sure this happens, however, is maintenance. This battery requires more than just typical maintenance – keeping it out of extreme temperatures, maintaining fluids, etc. – it also requires maintenance of the charge. To maintain my battery, I use a device called a battery trickle-charger.

This charger doesn’t give a big charge all at once, like jumping does. Instead, this charger is put on the battery and then left there. It gives a charge when it senses the charge in your battery decreasing, and stops when no additional charge is needed. It charges in small amounts over a period of time. It doesn’t bring a battery up to a full charge from a low charge, but merely maintains the charge. While it may seem tedious, this is necessary for the maintenance of the battery. If I didn’t do this, I would have spent a lot of money on something that wouldn’t last very long.

Similarly, we all have an “internal battery” that needs to be charged. We have emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs that need to be met. Certainly, there comes a point where each of us needs a jump start – a vacation, a break, some time to just set everything aside and relax. But those breaks aren’t what will keep us going in the long run. We also need regular self-care to keep ourselves happy, healthy, and motivated. Each of us needs time each day and each week to make sure our inner charge is topped off. Make the time now, if you haven’t already, before you pay the price later!

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5 thoughts on “Charge Your Batteries!”

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  2. I charge my battery daily with about 30 or 45 minutes working in the garden. I know it works because of how much more stressed I feel when I don’t have a garden to tend to in the winter. I guess it’s time to get a greenhouse. LOL

  3. And that’s why kids, Dustin hasn’t been a full time appraiser since 2010 and is now a W2 employee for an AMC.

    For the true appraisers out there whos mission is to seek the truth, and to call out the bull crap spewed by so many, there will never be a break. Considering I’ve been commenting here for nearly seven years, here’s to another seven (#NO BREAK!).

    Seek the truth.

  4. After appraising for over 20 years I now take several breaks during the day to remain fully charged and have a set time to quit work each day. Part of that is I’m just not as hungry as I used to be when I would work from dawn til dusk and realize now maintaining personal health and well being is just as important as making money.

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