Are You Saying No to Future Business?

 I’ve begun to notice that retirement is starting to creep up on me a little bit, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m really ready. I recently decided to get back into investing in real-estate in an effort to start generating some passive income. Because the market where I live is saturated with investors, I found that it’s better for me to invest in other markets across the country. Because I can’t look at the properties myself, it’s helpful to have a team of people in the area I’m looking at to help me in making my decisions. One of the people that I’ve found to be very helpful is, you guessed it, appraisers!

While looking recently for an appraiser to help me in a certain area, I ended up calling no less than four people to see if they would help. But actually getting in contact with them was harder than I expected – after phone calls, texts, and emails, I still couldn’t get anyone to respond to me! When I finally was able to talk to them, I said something like this: “I’m not just looking at getting a couple of appraisals done now; I want to develop a long-term relationship here so that I can continue having work done over the next couple years.” The first three people I talked to turned me down. When I asked why, they all said the same thing: they were too busy doing lender work.

What’s the problem here? Have you noticed, interest rates are beginning to go up. Lender work doesn’t last forever. I would jump at the opportunity to help someone who is looking for a long-term business relationship. I would bend over backward to give them priority. Why? Because those are the people who are going to give you business in the long-term.

I get it. Things can get really busy. I’ve been busy in my area. However, we cannot allow the craziness of our situation currently to obscure our vision of what will be happening in our businesses long-term. Taking care of yourself now is good, but making sure you have what you need a few years down the road is just as important. 

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11 thoughts on “Are You Saying No to Future Business?”

  1. I also would be happy to help you out. I do appraisals in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. Lincoln has a great rental market due to the University. Omaha also has a great rental market and is starting to get more Airbnbs. I have done appraisals for other investors in this area and I can tell you with certainty that investors from all over the country invest in these markets as homes are affordable, rents are solid, and our market is typically very stable.

  2. I am happy to help. CALL ME! I cover Fort Collins (home of Colorado State University), Greeley (home of University of Northern Colorado), other towns, resort areas and rural remote zip codes. That is Larimer and Weld Counties in Colorado. I like non lender work!
    How about Cheyenne Wyoming (was licensed in WY in past)?

  3. I can help you! I live (and work) in the Austin/Dripping Springs/Lakeway area. Also San Marcos , Kyle and Buda area. All in -of course- Texas! My daughter is also an appraiser as well as a real estate agent – she also can help you. Just email me> I really enjoy reading The Appraiser Coach- you always have some good advice.

  4. Perhaps those appraisers are drunk of your AMC snake oil business model, and or working for half of a half doing hybrid work for True Footage (your employer). The churn and burn of 4 to 9 appraisals a day is real (good coaching). Lastly, considering you haven’t been a full time appraiser since 2010, many thought you’ve been retired since the iPhone 4.

    Seek the truth.

  5. I see this all the time. My office does almost exclusively non-lender work and we get jobs simply by answering the phone and responding to emails. Many of our customers have similar stories about not being able to find anyone. Because of this, even with the slowing market we have been able to keep fees up.

  6. My daughter and I do appraisals in southern California. We do Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties. Please contact me for any help you need.

  7. Good luck to those appraisers who want to do free value checks for Dustin as he skips across the county looking to invest. Considering most appraisers on this site have been programed by the AMC’s to waste hours every week by bidding on assignments they never receive (at a fair price), I see that the Kool-Aid drinking is still in full swing. You people do understand that in working at True Footage Dustin has access to all of the soccer moms (no offense moms) who are on the payroll right? Unless you want to do a hybrid property inspections for $25 (or please tell us the amount Dustin), I would suggest a hard pass.

    One off clients like Dustin are the worst, but I wish everyone well.

    Seek the truth.

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