The Monster in the Closet

A good appraiser knows that delegation can be an efficient and productive choice for their business, but the thought of that choice is often accompanied by fear. This comes up when as a professional, you ask yourself, “do I really need to be answering my own phones and emails, doing the data entry, scheduling my own appointments, or other tasks I could pay someone less per hour to take care of instead of me?” Embracing this law of delegation could free you up to focus more on those things you feel you should be focused on, such as inspections, adjustments, reconciliation, or the narrative. But with that decision comes the unpredictability that often sends people for the hills and causes them to stay right where they are out of fear.

This instinct response of thinking of the what-ifs and going to the worst-case scenario doesn’t only come because you are trying to be well-thought out and prepared, but because you are human. With anything you do, you’ll come across similar thoughts and feelings of how things could go wrong or how things could change. These thoughts can help you be aware of the snake in the grass, but they can also keep you from moving forward. Having a constant reminder of the monster in the closet gets in the way of making decisions and allows us to be halted in our tracks.

         One concept that will steady your feet and keep you headed in the right direction is the idea of ‘fears to lips’. Fears and what-ifs are going to come, you simply cannot avoid them. But the difference between those who are successful and those who are not has to do with action and overcoming these fears. The way to do that is to bring your fears to your lips. Speak them out loud. Believe it or not, this can dissipate and reduce the looming fears you feel are unconquerable. This will put your fears into perspective and help you realize what is real and what might be irrational.

         If you’re worried about how this conversation will go with those you are hiring, be honest with them. Speak those fears and tell them what’s on your mind about the future. Go into some of those what-ifs and after you have audibly spoken them, the fears in your head all the sudden don’t become those big angry animals anymore. As you confront your fears and speak them, you will be able to move forward with confidence instead of being paralyzed by the unknown. 

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3 thoughts on “The Monster in the Closet”

  1. Getting outside that force field aka “the comfort zone” we each and all have. It is worth it! – and will lead to a “new” comfort zone to be stepped out of again and again. Growth is calling…

  2. One good way to grow and succeed is to possess a willingness to be really, really, really uncomfortable.
    Growth occurs when we are stretched beyond what is comfortable.

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