Going All-in

I recently celebrated an exciting milestone. I have officially gone one full year without eating sugar! Now that’s not 100% – everything has sugar in it these days. But I stopped eating what I call “avoidable sugar,” a term that I adopted from one of my mastermind students. In other words, I cut out the desserts and the snacks – cakes, cookies, pie, ice cream, and one of my personal weaknesses, peanut M&M’s. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that I was – and probably still am – addicted to sugar. I didn’t think that a milestone like this was possible!

I know some people who are able to maintain moderation. They eat a little bit here and a little bit there. The problem is, moderation isn’t easy for me. I’m much more an all-or-nothing type guy. Quitting desserts cold-turkey was the only way I was going to be able to make a real change, and I’m so glad I did!

This idea of going all-in is important in our businesses. There are some things in your business that either can’t or won’t be accomplished through moderation. For instance, if you’re trying to do your “on it, not in it,” time in moderation, chances are it’s not going to happen. Sure, it might happen for a little while, but not long enough to make any appreciable difference. Instead, it’s important to go all-in. It’s time to fully commit to improving your business, to put the necessary time in to really make a difference. You’ll be so glad you did!

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22 thoughts on “Going All-in”

  1. Congratulations Dustin that is an awesome accomplishment. Having successfully completed a few similar one-year abstention challenges myself (alcohol, social media, football, desserts, etc.) – I’m wondering if you replaced sugar with a new addiction yet? I often find removing one invites another, or even several – although typically better ones (hopefully). Cheers.

  2. Way to go Dustin! I’ve recently cut down on sugar also. Used to drink Gatorade but now I just have water and add electrolyte powder which has no sugar. I’ve also cut way down on carbs (bread, potatoes, pasta). Cutting out sugar and carbs is the best way to lose weight.

  3. I’d love to be able to cut out sugar also but at least have been cutting back. Did you notice any benefits from it: weight loss, more energy, sleeping better, etc.? Just curious.

  4. Spill the beans Dustin. What health benefits did you notice? We’re waiting with baited breath (right now my breath smells like cake and ice cream) 🙂

  5. Congratulations. I know how it feels to be addicted to something. My weakness is Good and Plenty. I love those things. I’m going to give it a try.

  6. To bad Dustin hasn’t been teaching you about avoidable AMC’s. More money in selling a dream than speaking the truth I guess. Do they make sugar free Swedish Goldfish? Asking for a friend.
    Still waiting for you to release the fees True Footage pays its appraisers Dustin.

    Seek the truth.

        1. I call bull crap. Bill. Are your appraisal reports based on making up information like your comments here? Start telling the truth and quit acting like there is this great Bill Johnson who is the only perfect appraiser with the greatest appraisal business model ever invented.

          Start telling the truth.

          1. I called bull crap and just like the AMC’s your trying to call to get work while quoting in the $200’s, no one answered. Want some truth, Dustin has not been a full time appraiser since 2010. Dustin supports the AMC model (how did that work out / not for him but for you)? Dustin sold his appraisal business and is now a W2 employee for a company who it seems wants to buy up appraisal business throughout the country.

            Seek the truth Kevin.

          2. Bill, you are full of bull crap. I am not quoting in the $200 or $300s and my my average fee is about $600. Do you make up stuff like this in your appraisal reports? Want some truth? You are jealous of Dustin and his successful business career. How much is your business worth? I’ll give you the answer. 20% of what is was worth last year. You blew it. Supply and demand. There is no demand for your appraisal business anymore if you tried to sell it. Go try to bully someone else.

            If you are seeking the the truth, then please try to tell the truth. Bill

          3. With 900 licensed appraisers in San Diego County, and several thousand within a few hours drive, bids in the $250 to $295 range with two day turn times are common practice. Funny story, I took over a loan after a lender failed to deliver and the following is fact (No fee disclosure law in CA). The borrower was charged $700 for the appraisal, while the actual appraiser was paid $250 (bid out). The appraisal did no go through an AMC but rather was bid out through the Mercury Network. Meaning, the new lender went after the old lender in support of the borrower to collect the balance of $450 (they kept the spread). In short, the borrower paid out an additional $250 ($700 in total to me) for my work while the new lender was able to collect the $450 original lender spread. Of note, the product type was a 1004C, the ownership was condominium, and there was an age restriction of 55+.

            Not in my world Kevin, but the truth is San Diego CA bids in the $200’s are common practice (AMC’s + Mercury Network, etc.).

            Seek the truth.

          4. Forgot to note Kevin. Although CA is not an AMC fee disclosure state, smart appraisers do bury their actual fee paid in the report (FHA) if you read it. Meaning, in doing bank audits for for a couple of decades, if you open yours eyes and seek the truth, you might just find it.

            Or you can ignore it Kevin, shoot me the messenger, and get your truth (?) from Dustin who doesn’t even practice what he preaches (not a fulltime appraiser since the iPhone 5, is a W2 employee for an AMC want to be).

            I wish you luck.

            Seek the truth.

  7. Congrats young man! The truth is we humans are a chemical factory walking upright. Nicotine, sugar and salt are the three most highly addictive substances (chemicals) humans ingest. Sugar and salt are pervasive, used in almost all processed foods we consume. So going cold turkey to eliminate as much of one of those as possible is excellent! The trick is to see what else is lurking within….such as high fructose corn syrup….which is just a hidden form of sugar. Best to you.

  8. Congratulations! I , too, have cut out sugar and have reduced carbs. Its not easy as sugar is in everything and sugar addiction is a real thing. I cannot tell you have much better I feel. I just got back from my annual physical and my numbers improved dramatically in every category! It certainly does help to go “all-in”! In business and other aspects of life. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Instead of sugar, salt, nicotine, alcohol, THC and or AMC’s running through ones blood, its best have ice in your veins and so NO to putting profits before principles.

    Seek the truth.

    1. We’d love to start with the truth about who you are Bill…sure are casting a lot of stones for a man living in a glass house

  10. Bill – you just can’t help yourself, can you? Dustin did something that is very good for his body and not easy, but all you can do is carp about your professional grievances with him. For once, try saying nothing if you don’t have something nice to say.

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