Getting a “No”

We are constantly negotiating with people in our lives.  All day, every day, we are asking things of our friends, family, clients and coworkers.  We’ve been taught to try and … Read More

Be Nice or Be Quiet

Back in the 1980’s an American minister by the name of Robert Fulghum published a series of essays in a book titled All I Really Need To Know I Learned … Read More

Wealth and Why

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Under Promise and Over Deliver

There are certain principles of good work and challenges that come when starting or running any business. Much of what we learn as business owners can also be  passed on … Read More

Saving Photos as an Appraiser

It is no secret that we as appraisers take a lot of photos. I probably take about 20-25 per house that I inspect. Then there are all the comp photos. … Read More

How To Determine Time Adjustments

I recently had a question come in from a follower regarding how to best make time adjustments in this crazy world of multiple offers and offers over list.  It was … Read More