The ‘Triple-P W’ Workweek

Most appraisers (and business owners in general, for that matter) work 6-7 days per week and try to squeeze in a little R&R when they can. I spent far too … Read More

‘The Help’ for Appraisers

I love movies, but I did not enjoy going to ‘The Help’ this past year with my wife. It probably stems from the fact that I wanted to attend the … Read More

Emerging from the Appraiser Cave

Appraisers are hermits. Okay, maybe not ALL appraisers, but many of us are. I for one am a certified introvert. I know that surprises many due to the public way … Read More

The Coach’s Big Announcement

I apologize for all the teasing (on Facebook and Twitter) the past few weeks, but I wanted to be sure everything was firmly in place before I went live with … Read More

Geographical Competency

There was a recent study completed that proved, beyond a doubt, what I have essentially suspected for years. The topic was what causes criminals to do what they do. After … Read More