When you have a bobble-head replica of yourself in a blue button-down shirt (it was a gift) and you show up to work every day twinning with it, the people who see you most often might poke fun at the fact that you have the most uninteresting wardrobe of anyone in the office. For me, […]


What Constitutes Professional Attire?

A topic that comes up a lot when I talk with people is how they should dress. Are flip-flops okay? What about a tank top? I remember seeing a picture of an appraiser that he posted himself, dressed in a backward baseball cap, tank top, and sunglasses, ready to go out and work. Ultimately, whatever

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Working For the End Goal

I once read a book called First Things First, by Stephen Covey. That phrase, “first things first,” prompted a lot of thought for me a little while ago, at a time when I was making some big business decisions. These decisions had a big impact on me, on my employees and associates, on my family,

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Cleaning Up Your Inbox

If there’s one thing that consistently stresses out small business owners more consistently than anything else, it’s the dreaded inbox. Especially as an appraiser, I get 3 or 4 hundred emails per day – actual messages, not spam. Seeing all that unread mail in your inbox can set nerves on edge, even for the most

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Is Zero Messages In Your Inbox Possible?

My inbox is my to-do list. If I talk to someone and they need something done, I tell them, “Send me an email.” If I have a task that I need to get done, I send myself an email. Because my inbox is my to-do list, I go crazy if it still has things in

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One Step at a Time

Some days things just don’t go right. There are times when you have messages in your inbox coming out your ears, a whole list of phone calls to return, and not even a spare minute to inhale that stale peanut butter and jelly sandwich you were supposed to eat for lunch 3 hours ago. These

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Highest and Best Use

I had a man reach out to me with a question about a property he had been asked to appraise. It was being listed as a single-family home, but was clearly meant for some other use, probably as a foster type home (he mentioned in his email to me that it had 3 kitchens –

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One Step Closer to Owning a Business

One day while I was at the local state fair, I saw a one-man band walking by. As I watched him walk by toting drums, a harmonica, and a banjo, I had to laugh a little bit to myself. He reminded me of many appraisers! I was impressed by his ability to juggle everything, but

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Prioritizing Your Clients

When the pandemic hit us full force in 2020, business skyrocketed. We had never been busier! If I had tried to do everything the same way I did before, hiring someone just to turn down offers wouldn’t be a joke. It used to be that I would never dream of turning down an offer. But

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You Are Important, Too!

We all have our hobbies. I’ve talked to people who enjoy everything from quilting to drag racing to bird watching, and everything in between. Hobbies are an important part of our lives, but so often these days we don’t make time to do them. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, with the to-do

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