I left the consult with a better understanding of my business and the immediate steps I needed to take to achieve the simplification I desired. Already, changes are being made and I have become more disciplined in the operation of my firm.

– Albin Kline, MAI, SRA, MS

The Appraiser Coach’s Business Coaching

Though Dustin Harris wears many different hats, he finds the most joy in assisting real estate appraisers with streamlining their businesses in order to be more efficient, work smarter and make more money.

If you are interested in hiring The Coach to assist you with your appraisal business questions, there are many customized ways to facilitate such assistance including via Skype, webmeeting, Facetime, telephone or through our Voice Chat Membership.

There Are A Few Ways You Can Work with Dustin with One-on-One Coaching

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Meet Dustin Harris

Dustin Harris is an appraiser who was once working 60+ hours per week and making about $75,000 per year. In just a short time, he transformed that appraisal business into a super successful appraisal firm making well over $500,000 a year.

Here’s the kicker… he ended up working less hours per week and the quality of his product improved at the same time (even in a post-HVCC world).

Now, Dustin teaches other appraisers how to employ the same principles of prosperity in their own appraisal businesses and is transforming the way appraisers ‘work’ one company at a time.

You are already a good appraiser. Isn’t it time to become an incredibly successful business owner as well?

Welcome to The Appraiser Coach. Please let us know how we can help you bring more ‘value’ into your life.

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How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser

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