Creating Your Circle of Influence


One aspect of my job that I love, is the opportunity that I have to associate with many inspirational individuals. It is my pleasure and honor to be surrounded by valuation experts who push me to be a better appraiser.


I have also encountered many appraisers who are very negative towards the industry. While I can appreciate many of their frustrations, negativity does not help many of the issues we encounter as appraisers. I would much rather surround myself with individuals who are actively solving problems rather than simply complaining about them.


As the Appraiser Coach I am consistently rubbing shoulders with and collaborating with appraisers who inspire me and have helped build up the industry. However, you do not need to be “a coach” to create your own circle of influential individuals in the field.


I strongly encourage you to begin actively connecting with other appraisers. Find appraisers who are proactive, love what they do, and are positive. Reach out to local appraisers and invite them to lunch or coffee. If you are worried about competition and feel as though you cannot talk openly with those in your immediate geographical area, try reaching out to appraisers in the surrounding areas. Getting to know other appraisers who help and uplift you can be beneficial for you and them. By creating a community of like-minded, positive appraisers you will be able to help and push each other to become better appraisers.



For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 316 – Associate With Great Valuation Experts

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