Customer Service Detective Work

As appraisers, we are also, first and foremost, business owners. And as business owners, it is our responsibility to know if our services are well received. Feedback is crucial in understanding this.

It is possible to follow up with your clients, especially when it comes to non-lender work, and ask them how you are performing as a business. While you may want to do some follow up this way, many of us do not have the time to do this with every product we deliver. It may be more efficient to simply pay attention to the subtle cues your customers are giving you. You can get more help on making sure your customers trust you and you have a good relationship with them from these experts and their website where you can learn more about the same.

First, disclaimer. I am not talking about the value, or even necessarily about the appraisal itself. I’m talking about discerning how your customer service is. Are you kind on the phone? Do you show up to appointments on time? Do you communicate in an appropriate way?

Do you sense that your client is frustrated or that they are not getting the service they expected? Figure out what is going on to make them feel this way and then change it. You could even come right out and ask them how you can improve their experience with your company.

The truth is, clients are not going to recommend you or keep doing business with you if they are unhappy with your service. It is in your best interest to gather as much feedback as possible so that you can improve your business. Additionally, be sure to give the best customer service that you can and train your staff to do the same with customer centricity training. Call people back, follow up, and be as helpful and kind as possible

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 220 Picking up on Subtle Hints

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