“After joining the Dream Team Mastermind, my revenue increased by more than 75%”

-Matt Frentheway
(Dream Team Member for over 18 months)

The Appraiser Coach’s Dream Team Mastermind

There is a group of elite appraisers who travel every quarter to a specific location for the purpose of meeting together for an entire day.
What do they talk about?
Why do they keep coming back?
Who would go to such lengths to meet together with other appraisers?
Because they understand that a truly successful appraisal business does not happen by accident.

Dustin Harris is a huge advocate of the principle of the Mastermind. Being a member of the All Star Team is valuable. Coming to a workshop is powerful, but his quarterly, in-person Dream Team Mastermind is where the principles Dustin teaches become reality. This is where you get to spend an entire day every three months working on your problems, your challenges, your ideas, and your business.

Current Mastermind Groups Include:

-Salt Lake City, UT
-Chicago, IL
-Las Vegas, NV (2 Groups)
-Washington, DC
-Dallas, TX

During this meeting, appraisers meet with a handful of other appraisers (including Dustin Harris) for the sole purpose of improving their appraisal businesses. The entire day is dedicated to learning principles of success, presenting challenges for group brainstorming ideas, setting goals, and holding each other accountable. Between meetings, members interact privately with each other online for assistance with challenges or ideas that might come to them.

-Confidentiality is strictly enforced
-No one has an agenda except to help each other succeed
-There is a no direct competitor guarantee (no two appraisers cover the same geographical area)
-This is a friendly, safe place to share successes, failures, questions, challenges, goals, and achievements
-The quarterly membership fee is $695 ($231 billed monthly), or an annual membership is $2,495.
-Each member of the group brings questions, concerns and ideas about creating the most successful appraisal office possible. Throughout the course of the day, EVERYONE has time to share and all benefit from the thoughts and ideas of others which they take back home and implement.

As humans, we are generally predisposed to stagnate. We find an acceptable status quo and stick with it. By doing so, we prevent ourselves from reaching our full potential. Our lives could be so much better and we could be so much happier. Invest in a Mastermind Group where you will constantly be getting new ideas and motivation! This is not for everyone. Only those who are interested in truly taking their businesses to the highest level possible should consider this opportunity.

When you sign up on the form below, you will give your 3 top counties that you work in. We GUARANTEE no one else in the group will cover even ONE of those counties. Of course, that means, if one of your competitors has already signed up, we cannot include you in the group either, SO SIGN UP FAST TO SECURE YOUR SPOT.

What are the Actual Members of the Dream Team Mastermind Saying?


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