Freedom: the Basis of Creativity

I think I’ve talked to you about my definition of wealth before. It’s not having a sports car or a big fancy house. My definition of wealth is the ability to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want, because I want. This is all within reason, of course. I’m not going to go out and dunk a basketball tomorrow; I’m not anywhere near the condition required for that. But generally, this holds true for me. This view of wealth flows perfectly into the principle that I want to share with you today: freedom and liberty fertilize creativity.

I’ll give you an example of this. I recently was able to go on a vacation with my extended family to Glacier National Park. It was a beautiful week and a half, surrounded by stunning views and gorgeous scenery. Taking that time off of work gave me time to think and get my creative juices flowing. By the end of that week and a half, because of the freedom I had to think about things instead of constantly having to be doing, I was able to come up with several ideas to help me with my business.

This is part of why I stress “on-it-not-in-it” time for your business so often. Taking that time to just sit and think, giving your mind freedom to be creative, will help you brainstorm effective and innovative solutions to your unique goals and problems. This principle could be stated another way. If you want to be creative, give yourself liberty to be creative.

This freedom doesn’t mean that you will always succeed. Freedom doesn’t mean you get to choose the results of your choices. But it does mean that you have the ability to make those choices. Similarly, having the freedom to think and act as you choose in your business doesn’t guarantee you will succeed; it merely gives you the opportunity to try, fail, and try again until you find something that works. In this way, freedom fertilizes creativity.

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  1. Great article however I apologize in advance. I cannot help myself. Another post coming up with: AMC are the devil. Dustin is @#$&*.

    Seek the truth.

  2. My problems is too many good ideas and I don’t make enough time to implement all the changes I want to make. I know, that’s another blog and I do set aside time each week to work on the business.

  3. If you touch me, well I just think I’ll scream.
    Cause it’s been so long since someone challenged me.

    Seek the truth.

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