Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Over and over again, in just about any mastermind group or private coaching, I see the same phenomenon. People get comfortable with what they’re doing and, even when they are shown a more efficient way of doing something, they stick with what they know. Sticking to a comfort zone is actually rooted in a survival instinct, we feel safe doing things repetitively and it can be a fight to step out and try something new.

Usually, when somebody comes to a coaching session with a question or problem, the first thing I ask them for is their “why”. My goal is to make sure that we both understand what their goal is and what they envision for their future.  There is no point trying to climb the ladder if you’re against the wrong wall to start with.

Now is just about the time that we run into that roadblock, the point where people don’t want to make a change.  Even if we’ve spent the last twenty minutes talking about better, more efficient ways to do their job, they aren’t willing to move out of their comfort zone. Even if it will take their business up several levels or completely change their position in their place of employment, people find the process difficult and they become very resistant to making changes. I often end up having to stop them right in the middle of their excuses.

Nobody should ever allow being uncomfortable to get in the way of something better. Take a step back and look at what might be keeping you from moving forward. Often what is holding you back is being used to doing something one way and you’re finding it hard to move away to try something different. Don’t get in your own way of reaching your goals.

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 466

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  2. Often times its those who seek the work of AMC’s, have goals of churning and burning of 4 to 9 appraisals a day, and put profits before principles who look to make the biggest changes.

    Seek the truth.

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