Growing a Weed-Free Appraisal Business

As business owners, we are all too well accustomed to the problems or “weeds” that pop on a frequent basis. I want to give you some tips for growing a healthy business that runs a little more smoothly.

When it comes to growing a healthy, weed-free lawn, there are two basic approaches one can take: the “Weed and Feed Method” or the “2,4-D Method.”

Weed and Feed keeps your lawn weed-free by fertilizing the grass and causing it to become so thick and healthy that there is no room for weeds. 2,4-D also helps keep your yard healthy but utilizes a different approach. It is a spot treatment, which means you have to actively find the weeds in your yard and kill them by squirting them with the chemical.

Similarly, there are “weeds” that grow up in every business such as technological problems, employee issues, or time management obstacles. As business owners, we may have to use a combo of the “Weed and Feed Method” and “2,4-D Method” to keep our businesses thriving and healthy.

There are times where the situation calls for a targeted “2,4-D Method.” The solution is typically a single fix that hopefully yields more immediate results such as calling a computer technician, sitting down to resolve an issue with your staff, or getting rid of distractions in your work environment. These types of solutions will always be needed from time-to-time, but it is ultimately more effective to cultivate a healthy business where weeds don’t have a chance to grow.

The “Weed and Feed Method” is a more preventative approach. It requires proactive and sustained efforts that yield more lasting results. Things like, investing in quality equipment, complimenting your employees, or creating a positive work environment. While these solutions require more forethought, you will eventually find yourself putting out less fires and being able to focus more on what you do best – creating value.

While both of these methods yield positive results and are necessary for cultivating a healthy business, the ultimate goal is to create an environment where “weeds” have difficulty growing.


For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 136 – Fertilizing Your Appraisal Office

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