Just the Cost of Doing Business

There are many little, or even big, inconveniences that are simply hazards of being an appraiser. When it comes to thinking of the costs of running your business, you likely don’t factor in things like, well, speeding tickets!  


I recently got an out-of-state speeding ticket. Because I wasn’t guilty (heh heh heh), I choose to take my case to court. Since the location was three hours away from my home, fighting the ticket took an entire workday. Now, I could choose to be upset about this inconvenience or simply consider it as a cost of doing business. As an appraiser, the majority of my day is spent driving, so it is almost inevitable that I will get a ticket from time-to-time (let’s just say I don’t always go the speed limit). However, I see the occasional ticket as one of the costs of being an appraiser.


There are other costs that, though not always thought about as ‘overhead,’ truly are just part of the business paradigm.  For example, if you are a germaphobe like me, hand sanitizer in the car is not something I can go without. I also carry masks, and booties, and wet wipes.  My vehicle itself is a cost of doing business. I could get a junker, but I choose to spend money where I spend a great deal of time – in my car. I also flip the bill for upgrades such as satellite radio, windshield coverage, and frequent car washes.  


We can spend time being upset about the little things, or we can look at the bigger picture and simply realize that there will always be unrealized costs that come with owning a business; however, in the long run, those costs are a small price to pay for a successful business.


I challenge you to think about some of the costs of running YOUR appraisal business. Some costs can be anticipated while others may catch us by surprise. Try to plan to the best of your ability but expect the unexpected. Take it as it comes and realize some things are just the cost of doing business.


Comment below on some of the smaller costs that you consider as an appraiser.

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to  The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 312 – Traffic Court and the Cost of Doing Business

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