Letting Money Work For You

              Let’s talk about the velocity of money. This isn’t velocity in the sense of the physics term – we’re not looking at how fast a 50 dollar bill can fly through the air if you wad it up into a ball or make it into a paper airplane, no matter how fascinating that experiment may be. On the most basic level, the velocity of money is how quickly it changes hands.

           Now, you may be thinking, “Dustin, why should I care about the velocity of money?” The answer to that is nicely summed up in one of the principles of prosperity, which states that the velocity of money is exponential. For instance, when an entire economy has a high velocity of money, that generally means that it’s growing and doing well. Similarly, if you personally have a high velocity of money, chances are you’re growing in success.

           For example: my wife and I have been saving money for a long time, and we eventually decided that just putting more money in the bank wasn’t doing us any good. It was just sitting there. Instead, we decided to invest it, and we bought some short-term rental properties. If our mortgage is $3500 a month, but we get $5500 dollars a month in returns, that’s a couple thousand dollars that can further be invested to start turning a profit. It may seem counterintuitive to some, but learning how to make money work for you is an important principle of prosperity. Just like spending every cent you earn isn’t  a good way to handle your money, neither is choosing to just save it. Money is meant to be used, so use it to your advantage!

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4 Comments on “Letting Money Work For You”

  1. I started investing in rentals years ago and now have a very generous monthly cash flow. I don’t have to worry so much about my appraisal business slowing down and the income will sustain my through my retirement years.

      1. Dustin, in case you weren’t aware there is a Bill Johnson wannabe posting comments under my great name. Don’t for one second think I’ve suddenly become drunk off your snake oil and have joined your merry team of bandits.

        Seek the truth.

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