2 Comments on “Making the Most of Appraiser Drive Time – Video Post”

  1. hi coach,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I love music, especially of my generation(beatles, etc.),but after a couple of decades of the same stuff it did feel a bit stale. I thought that changing musical genres would work well, and it does, but that only lasts for a few weeks. I am now hooked on audio books. Like you I prefer non-fiction, economics, politics, biographies–like that. My local library has a very good selection of audio books but are a little short on non-fiction. One day after not being able to find something new I took my wife’s advice and tried fiction. I’m now hooked on that as well. There’s some really absorbing stuff out there and more to choose from on the shelves. I highly recommend listening to all types of audio books. But as you indicated some quiet time is also necessary. It’s amazing what pops into your mind when you have no distractions. Happy and safe driving……Allen

  2. @Allen… Thanks for the feedback. We appraisers have it pretty sweet. I enjoy my drive time and look forward to it. Happy and safe driving to you as well.

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