Under Promise and Over Deliver

There are certain principles of good work and challenges that come when starting or running any business. Much of what we learn as business owners can also be  passed on to our kids as they grow up to become adults of character. These principles will bring prosperity to your life and business. 

Raising kids is both fun and challenging.  It provides a learning opportunity for both parties, kids and parents.  While teaching children principles of prosperity, it is good to give them space and permission to fail. Teaching them to pick themselves up and dust themselves off makes them resilient and prepares them for the harsh reality of the outside world. It is hard to watch our kids fail, especially in public, but it is necessary for their good at a later stage in life. 

As my children have begun ventures of their own, and the harsh world of making money, another very pertinent principle necessary for these kids to learn is doing beyond what is required of them by their employer. When your boss tells you to work till 5 PM, work till 5:15 PM.  When you are asked to clean the floors, clean the baseboards as well.  I call this “Promise the moon but give them the galaxy.” It is a sure-fire way of ensuring your job security now and in the future.   

Teaching these principles of good work and hard work to your kids is your duty but whether they adopt these teachings or not is entirely up to them. You know the famous saying. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink water. 

The same is true for adult business people.  When you take on an appraisal job, with a due date, deliver a day early.  When you promise a thing, go a step further.  

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