Overcome Your Fears

I hate going to the gym, but I do go, since it helps me in so many ways.  Usually, I do three sets of whatever exercise at 10 reps each. However, just to make sure I’m covered, sometimes I’ll do 11 reps.   I don’t want to miscount (yes, I’m a bit OCD). To psych myself out to reach my goals on reps, sometimes I’ll count, “7, 8, 9, 9, 10”.  See that? It’s really 11 reps, but since that’s so hard sometimes, I’ll miscount on purpose to make myself think I did only 10 reps, thus got to avoid that really hard last rep.  But I did that really hard last rep! I really did 11! I know, I am a strange duck.  

Ok, so what does this mean to your appraisal business?  In so much of what we do in life, in business, and so forth, how well we do it comes down to our attitude toward whatever it is we are doing.  Some of what we do is hard. Some of it is boring. Some of it causes us discomfort. So, to overcome these fears, one trick is to look at the challenge differently than we have before.  If we show ourselves we are doing 10 reps, when we are really doing 11, that is the way of looking at going to the gym differently than we looked at it before. That is one way to overcome the fears inherent in all of life. 

So, to start on the journey to success, sometimes it is necessary to look at an unpleasant task thru a different lens, and then go do it.  

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 249 Count with me, “7, 8, 9, 9, 10!”

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  1. In the movie “A League of Their Own”, Tom Hanks played the manager and had a great line. One of the players was complaining about how hard the game of baseball was, and Hanks said “It’s the hard that makes it good”. I often use that line, as I think it applies to many things in life.

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