Alternative and Desktop Valuations; What Are They? Join Dustin in this 2-Part Webinar to Find Out if You Should Use Them



Should appraisers be wary of these types of products, or is there a way to incorporate them into a modern appraisal business? Join Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, as he welcomes appraisal profession icons Ernie Durbin and Tim Andersen as we explore these questions and more in this two-part (over 3 hours in total length) webinar.

Part I will explore what Alternative Appraisals, Desktop Appraisals, E-valuations, and Hybrids are. Can they be done by today’s appraisers. More importantly, should they be? If an appraiser decides to make this a part of an appraisal business, what is the best way to do so and still make good money?

Part II will be more about compliance. Can you remain USPAP compliant if you are doing these types of products? What must you have in every appraisal report (whether it is a 1004 URAR or a desktop product done on a web-portal)?

This webinar was interactive during recording and you will have an opportunity to hear all the great questions -asked and answered. You will also come away with handouts, written by a top USPAP instructor, on everything you need to consider to keep yourself safe out there and 2 PDF slideshows. Join us!

PURCHASE INCLUDES: Part I video (over two hours), Part II video (two hours), 2 PDF slideshow presentations, 2 PDF handouts. All are available to view online and/or download to your device for future referencing.

Modernize your appraisal business for success!