Mobile Appraising Package




“I was already using the iPad and a disto, but I learned some new cool ways to save time and be more efficient. Keep up the great training!” -Matt (Attendee at Dustin’s previous webinar)
Mobile Appraising Training Package

The Mobile Appraising Training Package, created by Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, and offered byOREP/Working RE, shows you how to use mobile tools to increase your efficiency as an appraiser. Using a tablet and laser to assist in appraisal inspections is a game-changer in helping you do a higher volume of appraisals while improving quality.
The Mobile Appraising Training Package includes:
1. Full instructional e-book with numerous color pictures, saves you time and money by showing you which technology to buy and how to use it.
2. Hour-long video makes it easy – showing an actual inspection using both the tablet and the laser- a picture is worth a thousand words. Dustin shows you how to measure and inspect each room as well as how to integrate the data with the mobile software right on the iPad screen.
3. Interactive webinar shortens the learning curve by going through the various aspects of tablets and lasers and taking you step-by-step through their use.