The Paperless Appraisal Office Webinar




There’s no doubt that moving from paper to digital reaps rewards- savings in expenses and increased efficiency, regardless of how “paperless” you go – partway or all the way. But “how” is the question. How do you achieve the most benefit with the least amount of heartburn?
In this webinar, Harris shows you how to make the transition from paper to digital as easy as possible- pointing out the pitfalls, where the greatest cost savings are and when it’s ok to rely on paper.
Harris, an expert in using technology to be more efficient, explains how running a paperless office can increase an appraiser’s efficiency, cut costs, and lead to better record keeping. And he shows you how to get it done.
Whether you’re old school or part way to paperless, Dustin can help you improve how you run your appraisal business.