Recipe for Perfect Customer Service

Male real estate agent hands counting money after successful deal for buying house.

 I’m not the biggest dessert person in the world, but I have a weakness for Arnold Palmers. For those of you unfamiliar with what an Arnold Palmer is, it’s a drink that is half iced tea and half lemonade. I love it because the sweetness of the lemonade is cut by the iced tea, while the tea gets a flavor boost from the lemonade. Both components balance each other out and create something even better than just one of them alone. Because of this, I believe that Arnold Palmers are the perfect metaphor for good customer service. Good customer service includes two things: professional demeanor (iced tea) and friendliness (lemonade).

           Have you ever talked with a customer service representative that was all business and no personality? They come off as robotic and unfriendly. However, at the other extreme, you may have interacted with customer service folks who are so friendly they’re unprofessional, using such phrases as “Cool, dude!” When I contact a business, I expect someone professional – not someone who cusses or uses texting slang.

           Like the Arnold Palmer, a good customer service representative is the perfect 50-50 split between business and personality. This is what I teach my customer service assistant. Be a human being. Treat others with friendliness and respect while maintaining a professional appearance, and you will be on the road to customer service success!

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  2. Great tip. I can think of people in my company who are a little too far on one spectrum or the other. They mean well, but might come off wrong to different types of people. Great discussion for a company meeting.

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