Refining Yourself and Your Appraisal Business

There is a principle, or way of looking at things that I try to regularly apply both personally and when I am coaching others. This is a tool that helps me find if and where I need to change things in my personal and business life or in the lives of the individuals I mentor. I call it “keep, tweak, or leap.” 

This is where you examine routines, systems, relationships, physical items, goals – you name it, and decide if you should keep, tweak, or leap. Obviously you are going to want to keep things in your personal and business life that work well for you. It is important to realize what is benefiting your life and why, so you can create and attract more positive things into your life. 

It is time to tweak something when it is mostly good, but could be even better with some adjustments. For example, maybe you are setting unrealistic goals, or maybe you find yourself fighting with your significant other, or maybe there is an employee that is amazing but is consistently struggling in one area. These are things you likely do not want to get rid of altogether, but if you tweaked some things, they would be of a much greater benefit to your life. 

Finally, we are creatures of habit. Even if something is not working for us at all, we tend to continue using it or doing it. Be purposeful about examining your life and taking the leap to make necessary changes to get rid of certain key things. If something is a mostly negative thing in your life, it may not be something you need to tweak, but something you need to get rid of altogether. 

I believe a key to success is regularly evaluating and adjusting. You have to make changes in order to see different results. Consistently designate time to examine your personal life and business. Take the time to recognize what you are doing well, what needs fine tuned, and what needs thrown out. Regularly refine in order to begin unlocking your full potential. 

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