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Matt Long
Matt Long
I signed up for the Dream Team in January 2022. I had to drop out of the group this year due to some health issues in my family, but definitely planning to start again and will be doing some private coaching in-between. My experience was very welcoming by all participants in the group, even the other appraisers that worked in my state and similar coverage areas. The knowledge they provided by their mistakes and the push/accountability they gave to implement the things I knew I needed to but did not make the extra effort in making those changes has proven far beyond my costs with the gains of speed, accuracy and quality in my appraisals. The relationships I have made in this group still give me people I can call for help or guidance even though I am no longer officially in the group. I look forward to rejoining as soon as I can. Thank You, Matt Long -Oklahoma
Lora Keller State-Certified Appraiser RD3931
Lora Keller State-Certified Appraiser RD3931
The Appraiser Coach Mastermind is a must for all appraisers! Since 2016 my income has more than doubled and my work week is less than 1/4 the hours it was when I joined!! I highly recommend it!
David & Shannon Herring
David & Shannon Herring
For any one who is on the fence about making the jump up to the Dream Team Mastermind Meetings with Dustin Harris —The Appraiser Coach— please read. I was on the fence for years watching and wondering how the MM meetings would be. My wife and I finally made the jump at the end of 2021. Our first MM meeting was Jan-2022 in LA. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. Being in a room with so many supportive and wildly successful business owners really made us take a hard look at our business and our daily lives. I was running everything in our business through me. All calls, all quotes, most all emails, everything came through my hands. All I did was work to keep everything running in my office. During the meeting we listened to everyone’s advice and feedback, especially Dustin’s, set our goals and got to work. Over the next year we did the hard work of implementing the processes from the meetings allowing our business to work more for us and our goals. Thanks to the MM meetings and insight from everyone we have a central office phone, server for employees to use, office manager taking orders, giving quotes, and building files for everyone. Now we can step away from the office and it will continue to operate. Today we are headed out for a family trip to celebrate our daughter’s college graduation overseas. I am rested and not stressed about the office due to everything we learned and implemented from the MM meetings. The office will run without me and will be fine wile we are gone. I say all of this let anyone who may be on the fence about the taking your business to the next level or if you want to get your life back from your business(like we did) the Dream Team is legit the best thing I have ever done for my business and myself. Thanks to all those MM members who have shared ideas and you time with us since we joined. You each are amazing! And thank you Dustin for helping us step back from working in the business so we could see a way to get to our goals!
Tom Boice
Tom Boice
Dustin has filled a huge gap in the appraisal profession with his skills as an entrepreneur and business coach. His down-to-earth communication style and friendly nature make him a pleasure to work with. You're gonna like this guy.
Gordon and Cindy Collin
Gordon and Cindy Collin
Dustin is fantastic. He is not just knowledgeable but walks you through the thinking process to grow. We highly recommend any service he provides!
Rick Miller
Rick Miller
I have enjoyed listening to podcast and my monthly playbook. Dustin has always responded to all my questions, usually by messenger on facebook
Jim Tortora
Jim Tortora
The video from the academy are helpful. If you listen to them you can pick up little tips from each that help your grow your business.

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