Empty Inboxes

Call me what you like: obsessive compulsive, completely crazy… I don’t care! I just hate seeing a messy inbox. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves in life. Seriously, it … Read More

I Should Have Been An Attorney

Let’s pretend you are a young, a 20-something who just passed the bar exam.  Because you are are new to the world of lawyering: in debt up to your earlobes … Read More

Is It The End Of the Appraiser?

The latest announcements from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regarding loans with no need for an appraisal are causing quite the stir in the appraisal community. I have personally received … Read More

Perfect is the Enemy of Done

Several years ago, I followed my entrepreneurial drive and decided to build a (non-appraisal related) company based on an idea. The initial idea, I thought, was a good one and … Read More

How We Deal With Change

My wife and I recently decided that the use of technology (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) was getting out of control at our house.  Don’t misunderstand, I am a big fan … Read More

142 Over 98

So, I will be 40 this year.  I was reminded by one of my assistants that my life is officially half-over (thanks, Jai).  I decided that, since I have not … Read More

Too Much of a Good Thing

I need to get in better shape.  I would like to lose about 30 lbs, but I have two problems: I love to eat and I hate to exercise.  Puts … Read More