Be Seen, Build Trust, Get Hired

You have been a real estate appraiser for years. Or maybe you’ve just got six months under your belt. Either way, each of us needs to determine how we will … Read More

A Contract is Born

What makes a contract a contract? Is it the legal prose, the professional typesetting, or the date across the top? I’m no lawyer, but my mentor once told me that … Read More

Baby Steps

Every Sunday evening at 8 pm I get a notification on my phone that says “Don’t forget your big 3!” What are the big 3? The big 3 are weekly … Read More

A Year in Review

With the end of the year upon us, it’s important to look back on where we’ve been. During that process, however, it is also important to take the time to … Read More

When Money Makes Itself

Idaho is a gorgeous state! I live in the backyard of the Teton Mountain Range and Yellowstone National Park, and I love going to the hills. Hiking through groves of … Read More

Don’t Be Alice!

In his classic novel Alice in Wonderland, author Lewis Carroll teaches an important principle through the character of the Cheshire Cat. Lost in the woods and faced with a crossroads, … Read More

The Problem With Perspective

There’s a common theme that comes up a lot in my coaching, and that is overcoming the idea that people have of what is – or is not – possible. … Read More

What’s in Front of You

I call this the Bookstore Story, and it’s a story that I’ve told to my employees, my family, my friends, and even myself at times. It’s taught me some valuable … Read More

To Clone or Not to Clone?

Cloning or templates? What is the best for you? How do you start your appraisal reports? Various other software programs have different ways but, in general, we’re going to talk … Read More