Tips and Tricks for Appraising with a Laptop

As appraisers, we are on the go a lot, and the more portable our offices can be, the more successful we will be. If our offices are portable, then we will be able to do office work while we are out in the field in between appointments.  This means we will have the ability to be more efficient in our downtime during work hours.

I now do all of my work from a laptop. Now, some of you may be asking how this is possible when a lot of appraisal work is better with two monitors. I currently have two offices and each of those offices have a docking station. This means that my additional monitors are already set up and ready to go, as well as my podcast equipment, and anything else I many need to do my work.

Because I have this set up, I do not have to plug all of my equipment in every time I am at either of my offices. I simply set my laptop down on my desk and plug a single cord into it before I am up and running.

I would encourage you all to look into setting up your own docking station. It has helped me be more portable and has saved me time and as a result, money.

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 241 Appraisal Laptops and Docking Stations


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