Using Videos to Market Your Appraisal Business

If you want to attract more non-lender work, you need to have a strong online presence. A lot of non-lender work for appraisers is a result of whether they can be found with a Google search. Most importantly, you must have a website for your appraisal business, but that website does little good if it cannot be found. It is essential to constantly be updating your website with new content, so there is a better chance of it appearing in an internet search. Blogs and videos are excellent ways to do that, but today I am specifically going to be focusing on videos.

YouTube is owned by Google, so YouTube videos will frequently appear in Google searches. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to post videos for your appraisal business. When someone searches for “San Diego appraiser” you want to be the first thing that pops up if you are appraising in that area. Notice next time you search for something how many of the results are videos. Your videos can be posted on your website and YouTube. If potential clients find you on YouTube first, then there can be a URL on YouTube linking them back to your main appraisal business page.

Posting appraisal videos on YouTube increases your chances of being discovered by potential clients. It also helps you appear more personable as your clients get the opportunity to see and hear you give good appraisal advice before they contact you with their business.

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 166 Taking Video on Your Appraisal Inspections

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