Which Hat Are You Wearing?



             There are many different roles the we play as appraisers. We’re the technician, the business owner, the customer service representative, the secretary, and the janitor – all wrapped up in one. We take calls from customers and pick up our wrappers from lunch while we walk out the door to do an appraisal. We balance the ledger while we juggle unhappy and impatient clients. We do it all.

           Understanding that there is a difference in our roles – especially those of technician and business owner – is crucial to success. Being a good technician (appraiser; the person on the ground doing the actual inspecting, etc) is crucial to running a good business. However, being a good business owner is also important to running a good business. Both are important, but they are different.

Knowing when you are acting as a business owner and when you are acting as a technician will help you have more success. It can be tricky to differentiate when you’re acting in both roles simultaneously, as so many of us do. The better you get at identifying when you’re wearing each respective hat, however, will help you prepare to be more successful. There’s more to this than meets the eye; don’t forget it!

For more information on this subject, please download and listen to The Appraiser Coach Podcast Episode: 

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