You are REALLY Still Printing Your Appraisal Engagement Letters?

How do your engagement letters typically come to you?  If you are like 98% of appraisers, they come in an email.  What do you do with PaperlessAppraiserthose engagement letters?  If you are like most appraisers, you print them.  What do you do with those physical engagement letters after you are done with the appraisal?  Many appraisers scan them so they can put them into a digital workfile for long-term storage.

So, let me get this straight; you receive a digital document via email, print it to paper, so you can scan it back into digital format later?  Maybe it is time to start looking into going completely paperless.

Now, go create some value!

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4 Comments on “You are REALLY Still Printing Your Appraisal Engagement Letters?”

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time working “on” my business, since attending your course in SLC. But this is the one that I cannot figure out. Can you or your readers recommend a software program so I can copy my PDF engagement letters (as well as other PDF files) into Word without losing the formatting? I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted on this single issue!!

    1. Penny

      Glad to hear you are working on your business. Sorry you have had trouble with this issue. Can you clarify for me what you were trying to do exactly? I am confused as to why you need a PDF transferred into a word document. I cannot see it a use for that. I transfer all of my documents into PDF and they stay in that format.

    2. Hi Penny,
      I use the screen shot for everything. take a snapshot and paste it into WORD like this. ALT+PrtScn from the document you want to copy, then go to a document like WORD, or an Email. Then click CNTL+v to paste it. I use that for every mls listing in my paperless system for every comp, subject, public records. Good luck
      San Jose, CA

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