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Get Started & Succeed in Private Appraisal Work

In this 2 Session, Workshop, Dustin reveals all the secrets to success in finding, obtaining, and keeping private appraisal work.  You will also receive tools, templates, and resources that you can start using right away for non-lender appraisal assignments. Nothing is left out!

How The Appraiser Coach Helped Rob Bodkin Double His Business

“I DOUBLED my production year over year in the first year and each year since then it has gotten better…”

-Rob Bodkin


Appraiser Coach student since 2016

How do you 10X your Appraisal business?

You learn to become an efficient real estate appraiser

Though Dustin Harris wears many different hats, he finds the most joy in assisting real estate appraisers with streamlining their businesses in order to be more efficient, work smarter and make more money. Join now if you are interested in working with The Coach to assist you with your appraisal business.

you work on your business, not in it

Dustin employs an unfiltered and transparent approach to demonstrate precisely how he has revolutionized his own appraisal business and significantly impacted the businesses of hundreds of others. Here, you'll get an in-depth view of why his method of operating an appraisal firm stands out dramatically from 98% of the industry.

You Understand The law of delegation

Dustin uses the Principles of Prosperity (such as the Law of Delegation) to keep the quality high while increasing volume and your ROI.

You Learn How to keep the State from knocking at your door

Dustin works in partnership with industry leaders and USPAP experts to ensure principles and practices adhere to the highest in standards and quality.

You Know What every appraisal report must have

While expanding your appraisal empire, you are simultaneously improving the quality of your work and the success of all those you choose to surround yourself with. Get back to the reasons you became an appraiser in the first place; more time, more money, more freedom, more fun!

Memberships & Courses

The All-Star Team

Includes Monthly Virtual Conferences, Membership & Private Forum Apps, The Monthly Coach’s Playbook (Digital & Audio Newsletter), Many Webinars, Workshops and more!



or $499 per Year

What You Get when You Join
The All-Star Team



How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser ($395 bought separately)
Go Remodel Your Appraisal Business ($495 bought separately)
Go Create Some Value ($295 bought separately)
Mobile Appraising ($195 bought separately)



Alternative and Desktop Valuations ($59 value)
Regression Basics ($59 value)
How to Keep the State Board from Knocking on Your Door ($59 value)
Reconciliation and You ($59 value)
What to do When Appraisal Work is Slow ($89 value)

virtual conferences

Virtual Conferences ($3600 value)

75+ Recorded Conferences FREE with membership

Members Only Resource Library ($950 value)

40+ PDFs FREE with membership

Monthly Coach's Playbook Newsletter ($120 value)

Spanning 11+ Years FREE with membership

Membership & private forum apps

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Total Annual Value $7,015

What People Are Saying...

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Brianne Ledbetter

“The cost to be a member is not an expense, it is an investment”

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Ethan Brooks

“A huge, huge benefit for my life and my business”

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Jason Fischman

“Dustin showed me what was possible for my income and my lifestyle.”

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Rick Miller

“Dustin’s” coaching style is exceptional!”

About The Appraiser Coach

Dustin Harris has been an active appraiser since 1996. For the first 12 years of his career, he was working 60-hour weeks for under $100,000 annually.  Then, he radically revamped his business model using principles of success that catapulted his appraisal business to over a million annually, all within 20 hours a week consistently.  

Since 2010, Dustin Harris (aka “The Appraiser Coach”) has been guiding appraisers towards business mastery, enhancing both profit and efficiency. With “The Coach,” you surround yourself with hundreds of successful appraisers across the nation.  Your investment isn’t just in guidance—it’s a blueprint for guaranteed substantial returns.  It’s what you have always dreamed your appraisal business would be.

dustin harris appraiser coach

Included Bonuses

Monthly Conferences

Monthly virtual conferences with expert Q&A sessions

Digital Playbooks

All of the Coach's Playbook in digital and audio formats

Micro Mentoring

Stay focused with live Q&A with the Coach

Exclusive Webinars

Exclusive access to dozens of recorded webinars

Free Workshops

Get access to exclusive value-packed webinars

Exclusive Resource Library

Rich collection of exclusive resources

25% Coaching Discount

Significant savings on one-on-one coaching

Membership & Private Forum Apps

Access to a members-only group

More Student Testimonials

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Natalie Jay

“I have been able to change everything about my business.”

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Matt Frentheway

“It’s a level of refreshment. It reenergizes me!”

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Scott Kelly

“Five Stars!!!”

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Theresa Reece

“As a trainee, the coaching was exactly what I needed.”

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Tom Boice

“Highly recommend Dustin Harris as a coach.”

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Zak Penwell

“It has been a phenomenal experience for me!”

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Tommy Nabholz

“Highly recommend Dustin Harris.”

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Nicollette Harris

“I am accomplishing things that I never thought were possible”

I’m ready to take my appraisal business to the next level!

100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The success system that Dustin used to grow, expand, and sell his own appraisal business is a system that anyone can use.  However, Dustin takes a unique approach to every appraiser business owner to make sure your success is catered to your personal goals and vision.

Dustin has always taken the “think outside the box, but never do so at the sacrifice of quality” approach.  If any principle, system, or procedure reduces quality, it is the wrong approach.  The systems he teaches not only increase success, but do so while also increasing quality.

Systems, like appraisals, are not “USPAP compliant.”  Appraisers are.  However, nothing Dustin teaches or implements in his own business is illegal, unethical, immoral, or incongruent with USPAP standards.  You can be both extremely successful and sleep well at night.  

Dustin spent the first 12 years of his appraisal career doing things like everyone else.  As a consequence, he got what everyone else was getting – long hours and living paycheck to paycheck.  Sound familiar?  Once he dedicated himself to learning about and implementing the principles of prosperity into his own business, he went through a 4 year process of successes and failures. Ultimately, he got to a consistent, $1 million-plus annual revenue year over year. Now, he teaches these success principles to others.  If they are willing to learn, dedicated to change, and work hard, major success will occur in the first year of implementation. 

“Cost” is a funny word.  In a sense, it will only cost you if you do not take advantage of this business-altering information!  Rather, the systems Dustin teaches are an investment in you, your business, and your life!  However, all membership fees are clearly stated on the website before you purchase.  Dustin does not believe in hiding anything.  Oh, and everything he teaches comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  What do you have to lose?

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