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Many people ask why The Appraiser Coach posts his actual tax returns on this website for the whole world to see.  The answer is simple . . . Credibility.



Here are The Appraiser Coach’s Actual Tax Returns Click Here 

Many success gurus talk a big game, but how many are willing to put their money where their mouth is and show you the actual evidence of their success? The Appraiser Coach believes in being completely up front and honest about our business and why we are a good choice to help you grow yours. The reason again is simple . . . Credibility!

In the mid 2000s, Dustin Harris was working 60+ hours per week and making less than $100,000 annually as a real estate appraiser.  He realized there must be a better way and dedicated himself to the study of success, both historical and modern. His studies led him to discoveries about principles of prosperity that he began to implement in his own appraisal business. Just a few years later, he was making over $500,000 a year in his real estate appraisal business and working fewer hours as well!  Interestingly, the quality of his appraisal reports also increased thanks to those principles of prosperity he had learned and implemented.

In 2010 he purposefully began scaling back his appraisal business so he could spend more time doing what he was born to do . . . teach!  He still runs a very successful ($300,000 per year), appraisal business, for which he works no more than 30 hours per week.  The rest of his time is spent teaching the same principles of success he discovered to other appraisers, helping them increase their life-satisfaction, and enjoying an abundance of time with his wife and four children.

Welcome to The Appraiser Coach.  Please let us know how we can help you bring more ‘value’ into your life.

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See what others are saying about The Appraiser Coach

"I find Dustin Harris, also known as The Appraiser Coach, a great leader in the appraisal profession. With his insightful blogs, think-outside-the-box mentality coupled with common sense, and many years of experience as an appraiser and a successful multi-business owner, it has been wonderful to be associated with Dustin and learn from his wisdom. Dustin also finds ways to help those around him without expecting anything in return. I find Dustin to be a person of integrity, hard-working, and very positive. I fully endorse Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach."

− R. Rodriguez

"I have learned a ton this past year and a half from Dustin. He has helped me increase my volume by over 75% with higher fees- all while increasing my free time away from the office."

− M. Frentheway

"Not only does Dustin Harris take the time to show you how to be a better appraiser, he will also take the time to show you how to run your appraisal business! Many of us focus on being the best appraiser we can (this is good), but we forget that we have to make a living at this as well. Dustin was able to show me not only how to be a better and more efficient appraiser, but he also dived deep into the business side of things as well. He gave me a sure foundation that, if I can remember to follow everything he taught me, will carry me through to even greater success! Thanks, Dustin for being a great Coach! I WILL use your services again and again."

− S. Duncan

"I have already changed so much of my appraisal business since joining the mastermind. Thank you for all that you do for our profession."

− Tracey D.

"Dustin was a fun mentor and great to work with. Well worth what I put into it!"

− Jamie H.

"Thank you so much for your time. Your input was spot on and very valuable to me."

− Laura L.

"Great mastermind today. I also wanted to know how delighted I have been with the support and guidance provided by Roy Meyer. I have been blown away by the great info he’s provided on outsourcing and marketing to non-lender clients. I frankly don’t have time now to go into all of the benefits but I want to thank you again for introducing him to your mastermind participants. Between the two of you, I've learned more practical info about running my business than from anyone else."

− Frank J.

"As appraisers, we are used to having ‘Mentors.’ We all had to have them to get our license. Well, there are mentors and then, there is The Appraiser Coach! There is a reason he has been so successful in his own appraisal practice. Frankly, he does not just do things a little bit different than everybody else…he does the exact opposite! Whatever amount you decide to invest with The Appraiser Coach will be regained quickly and then some."

− S. Bell

"The great thing about The Appraiser Coach (Dustin Harris) is that he will start from whatever level you find yourself. In a very short period of time, Dustin took me from a beginning appraiser to an expert. Better yet, he does not hold anything back. There are no such things as ‘company secrets’ when Dustin is in the process of mentoring. Ask the question and you get a strait-forward answer. Every time. I highly recommend The Appraiser Coach for your own appraisal business!"

− Jami W.

"After watching one of your videos last year, it changed the way I do business. I just wanted to say thank you."

− Paul C.

"I have been amazed since meeting Dustin at the systems and processes he has employed to realize amazing growth in each of the endeavors he has undertaken."

− D. McPherson

"I have had the privilege of working personally with Dustin for several years. I have come to know that he is not just a small business owner. The man is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Furthermore, he is not just an overnight success turned expert. Rather, his accomplishments have come over a long period of trial and error. The principles he has learned are real and bring success out of anyone who is willing to employ them. Most importantly, he is a teacher. Working one-on-one with Dustin is non-pressure, but packed full of great ideas that any small business owner can understand and start using today!"

− Joe O.

"It is incredible the things that Dustin can do with a business once you give him the chance. I am very glad I chose to get to know him."

− Tiffany A.

"Dustin has been a mentor to me for several years. Watching what he has done in his own appraisal business is inspiring. He has a way with people that is non-threatening and down-to-earth. He is a powerful teacher and has become a personal friend. The time he has spent with me has been motivating and productive."

− Traci F.

"The ability for Dustin to see a problem and solve it is amazing. He is truly a business coach in every sense of the word. I can sit with him in a room, throw out an issue that I am having a tough time resolving and his ideas are one right after another. Even better, they are not just ideas. It is obvious that he has used these ideas already in his own appraisal practice and they are working. Using analogies and real language, it is easy to follow his teachings. Pick this guy’s brain. You will not regret it!"

− M. Davenport

"Dustin is the real deal. As his business and personal CPA, I can attest that the numbers he is reporting are true and actual. Unlike so many who claim success and then try to sell others on ideas with no merit, Dustin’s accomplishments are documented. As a real estate appraiser, Dustin has learned to not settle for what the market might dish to him. Rather, he has utilized principles of prosperity that have worked for him in good markets and bad. The cool thing is that he is actually willing to share his knowledge with others. As a small business owner, Dustin is nothing short of brilliant!"

− C. Miskin

"You really helped with my business and given me hope. I am so glad there is someone else out there with a similar mindset."

− Tom Duemler

"Awesome year of great information that I implemented to my business. Hope to continue to learn with you as we head into next year."

− Tom Kelly



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