Who is Dustin Harris?

For more than half of his career, Dustin Harris ran his appraisal business just like everyone else. As a consequence, he got the same results as everyone else; long hours and living paycheck to paycheck. After an intense study of successful people however, Dustin began putting principles of prosperity into place that have transformed his appraisal business and made him a success leader in our profession. Now, in addition to being an appraiser, Dustin finds every way possible to teach these principles of success to other appraisers across the country. He has mentored hundreds of appraisers who have also transformed their businesses. In a big way he is ‘creating value’ for real estate appraisers.

Here is the Full Story:

In the mid 2000s, Dustin Harris was working 60+ hours per week and making less than $100,000 annually as a real estate appraiser. He realized there must be a better way and dedicated himself to the study of success, both historical and modern. His studies led him to discoveries about principles of prosperity that he began to implement in his own appraisal business. Just a few years later, he was making over $500,000 a year in his real estate appraisal business and working fewer hours as well! Interestingly, the quality of his appraisal reports also increased thanks to those principles of prosperity he had learned and implemented.
In 2010 he purposefully began scaling back his appraisal business so he could spend more time doing what he was born to do . . . teach! He now spends most of his time teaching the same principles of success he discovered to other appraisers, helping them increase their life-satisfaction, and enjoying an abundance of time with his wife and four children.
Welcome to The Appraiser Coach. Please let us know how we can help you bring more ‘value’ into your life.

Do You Love Your Job This Much?


Dustin is a popular speaker and author. He writes a regular column for WorkingRE Magazine, The Appraisal Buzz, and Appraisal Today and has been featured in all of the top industry publications.

Dustin holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and is a regular and popular speaker at real estate appraiser, agent, and regulator conferences throughout the country.

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He’s great and the coaching/mastermind group has been an incredible experience. The MM group I’m in with him radically changed how I do the business of appraisal.

The return on investment in the first year was 50% increase in billing and the 2nd year 2x. PM me and I’m happy to sing his praises.

  • – Rob Bodkin