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Who is Dustin Harris?

Dustin Harris is an appraiser who was once working 60+ hours per week and making about $75,000 per year. In just a short time, he transformed that appraisal business into a super successful appraisal firm making well over $500,000 a year.

Here’s the kicker… he ended up working less hours per week and the quality of his product improved at the same time (even in a post-HVCC world).

Now, Dustin teaches other appraisers how to employ the same principles of prosperity in their own appraisal businesses and is transforming the way appraisers ‘work’ one company at a time.

You are already a good appraiser. Isn’t it time to become an incredibly successful business owner as well?

Welcome to The Appraiser Coach. Please let us know how we can help you bring more ‘value’ into your life.

How can I improve my appraisal business?

The Coach’s All-Star Team

Get the inside track on how Dustin took a $75,000 per year appraisal business to over $500,000 per year. Included also is direct access to Dustin and other team members in a closed, interactive, online group. You will also receive The Coach’s Playbook. This color newsletter is full of detailed business strategies and insider information.

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Join Dustin on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or Online as he interviews business leaders, other appraisers, or just talks about the appraisal business. Learn tips and tricks to help you be more successful as an appraiser. Listen for free as you travel to and from your appraisal inspections.

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Dream Team Mastermind

This is where the principles of success start to become a reality in your own appraisal business. Once a quarter, you meet around a conference table (or in an On-Line group if you choose) with a handful of other, forward-thinking appraisers for an entire day to work on your problems, challenges, ideas, goals, and your business.

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Workshops and Webinars

Live or online, Dustin uses these workshops to show you exactly what he has done to transform his appraisal business. This is where you see the real details of how his way of running an appraisal firm is so much different than his competition. These are a no-holes-barred look at how you can increase both your volume, your per-appraisal fee, and your free-time.

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