The Decision to Act

The key to success isn’t great ideas. Everyone has great ideas. I’ve had so many people come to me with an idea they had and say, “Dustin, isn’t this a … Read More

The Importance of Integrity

              Many of us hear about integrity often, but what does integrity even mean? What are we actually talking about here? A good explanation of integrity that I’ve heard is that … Read More

The (Real) Secret

          I’ve never loved The Secret, as a book or a movie. Maybe I missed something, but the primary message I came away with after reading … Read More

The Law of Averages and You

           Averages rule the universe. You may be more familiar with this statement as the law of averages. Let me give you an example as a … Read More

Parkinson’s Principle

                The principle I’m going to share today may not be earth-shattering for you, but it has proven useful for me in my work time and time again. This principle, … Read More

Do What You Love, and Love What You Do

              Today I want to share a principle that I am very passionate about; this principle drives everything that I do! The principle is that people thrive when they love what … Read More

Who Are You Surrounding Yourself With?

              When I was on my quest to learn what I call the “principles of prosperity,” there was one in particular that helped me progress by leaps and bounds when I … Read More