Remote Monitoring and Time Tracking

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot about our lives and the way we conduct our businesses. Some things may never again be the same again. As a result of the lockdowns, we had to turn to conducting our businesses remotely, and many of us have continued to do so even now. While working remotely has many potential benefits, it also presents many unique challenges. I would like to address one such challenge today: how do you track your employees’ time?

There are those who may argue whether or not it’s my business what my employees are doing while on the clock. I like to make the case that it is absolutely my business what my employees are doing on my time. If they’re using my time to do their laundry or scroll through Facebook or Instagram, they are, in effect, stealing from me. I’m not paying them to do those things; I’m paying them to contribute to my business and participate in an effective and efficient work environment. Thus, if I want to make sure that my money is going toward actual work for my business, I need to be able to track my employees’ activity.

When it comes to tracking employees’ time, there are some things you can’t do in a remote setting. You can’t just turn around and look at their screen like you would in an office; they’re nowhere near you. You also can’t install spyware on their home computer. However, you can install such software on your own computer. I use a software called ActivTrak. When they come to work, my employees log on to my server, and from there I’m able to track their activity.

One of the most important things to do if you’re tracking your employees is to let them know that you’re doing it. The reasons for this go beyond common courtesy (although there’s a lot to be said for that). In my experience, knowing that you’re watching their activity motivates your employees to do a good job!

In our new world of remote learning, I think you should strongly consider finding ways to track your employee’s activity is you’re paying them by the hour. As their employer, it is your prerogative to know how they’re using your time. As long as this is done in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, it can be a great asset to your business.

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5 thoughts on “Remote Monitoring and Time Tracking”

  1. I feel bad for your full staff of Filipino workers who might be on camera for their full 8 to 20 hour shifts (?) while they pull in 50 to a 100 Pesos an hour (?). Sounds creepy to me, but perhaps I’m missing something. Again, putting profits before principles.

    Seek the truth.

  2. knowing that you’re watching their activity motivates your employees to do a good job

    If you actually believe this logic, you’ve lost your soul and way… Get a life brother tech should never be used to babysit and if it is you my friend are a victim onto yourself regarding.
    Tech is either good of evil and frankly it’s more evil than good. Enter your logic as well on Chatgbt CRAP. Just keep telling yourself using A.I. is ok and have your kids get back to you when they are your
    age. Its empowering your own demise. What happened to Americans becoming so dam stupid that believing shopping at Walmart or Costco does not come with consequences let along going to the self check out lines. Do you work for them, are you getting a discount for checking yourself out and bagging your own stuff at even Home Depot. Wake up brother while they sit in the back monitoring folks checking themselves out CRIME has gone through the roof in these lines. You started out a volume AMC guy and you then morphed and continue to morph to survive to what extent and to what bounds will you go vs seeing the writing on the wall we are utterly destroying this country with Tech. Did trade make products cheaper, NO they did not, Cars are way beyond unreasonable, Did tech make your life easier ummm to an extent but your clients demanded higher volume and lower fee’s so did you really end up with a better qualify of life. I know appraisers that did this gig over 30 years ago plus charging more than what appraisers get now. Is a house cheaper now, insurance, gas, food. Wake up brother monitor your politicians not your employees, oh wait they love it… Sure they do nothing better than keystroking them.

  3. Thanks for providing jobs to those that need them. I apologize. I slipped again with my anonymous post pretending to be an appraiser.

    Seek the truth

  4. Hey Dustin, Alan here. I am really Bill Johnson trying another name out. Another anonymous name!

  5. Thank you Dustin for providing insight and resources in helping the appraiser community. I appreciate your blogs, podcasts, etc…Very helpful and informative. Thanks again for all that you do…

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